Nina Endrst on Overcoming Trauma and Getting Comfortable Being Uncomfortable

episode 59



Today I’m talking to Nina Endrst. Nina and I connected over Instagram and it really was divine timing. I didn’t even really know why I was interviewing her other than I was drawn to her, and I’m so glad I followed that feeling because she’s so interesting and so inspiring.

Nina's upbringing deeply influenced her approach to wellness. Her own chronic health issues and childhood trauma prompted her to leave her job in fashion – and deepen her yoga practice which ultimately led her down the teaching path.

Nina believes in the healing power of stillness, love, and acceptance. She guides but more importantly empowers students to live in their truth and align with their soul purpose. She is a nurturer, certified yoga, meditation guide, reiki practitioner, writer and spiritual mentor.

Nina and I chat about the childhood trauma she experienced and how it affected her life growing up, her intuitive move to Mexico, how she found healing through  yoga, learning to accept and forgive, motherhood and mindfully raising children, Nina’s spiritual journey, how she works with the chakras and so much more.


“There’s a difference between moving past something and moving through it.”


In this episode we discuss...

+ the childhood trauma (sexual abuse) that Nina experienced and how it affected her life as she grew up
+ her intuitive move to Mexico
+ how she found healing through yoga
+ having a spiritual relationship with yoga and meditation
+ learning to accept and forgive
+ how trauma can manifest into physical illness
+ lessons in healing yourself
+ motherhood and mindfully raising children
+ Nina’s offerings and how she works with the chakras
+ prioritizing your health and taking care of yourself


"You have to do what works for you, we’re all built differently.”


Paula Mallis on Conscious Conception, Infertility and Inner Healing

episode 57


Today's guest, Paula Mallis, is a Doula, Spiritual Counselor, Facilitator of women circles and Founder of WMN SPACE. She believes “birth” can manifest in many forms for women and that as women, we have the opportunity to birth babies, projects, new versions of ourselves and all that we are called to bring into the world. Supporting women on their own unique journey in life is my deepest passion.

In her practice, she blends together her experience as a mother, her expertise as a Doula, a Facilitator and her extensive training in Spiritual Psychology.

This is a very beautiful, encouraging episode and I’m so honoured to share it with you.


"I know why I’m here and my purpose and the work that I do with women, that I was really going through all of this so I could be of better service to women who are going through a similar journey as well.”


In This Episode We Discuss...

+ the shift in consciousness Paula experienced during her pregnancy
+ energetic, emotional and spiritual work for infertility
+ conscious conception
+ Paula’s three year long journey with infertility
+ how Paula carried her intention near her
+ how “birth” can manifest in many forms for women
+ continuing to move the consciousness forward collectively
+ why Paula opened WMN SPACE and programs offered there
+ what is Spiritual Psychology?
+ why Paula wears all white


“I feel so honoured to be a woman in this lifetime."


Ellen Fisher on Unschooling and Following Your Heart

episode 45

ellen fisher.jpg

I want to take a moment to deeply thank you for all of your feedback and love on my special birthday episode that I shared last week – 33 Things that I’ve Learned in 33 Years – so many of you told me that my words brought you to tears and that means the world to me.
I was talking to one of my close girlfriends Alexandra Dawson, former podcast guest (episode 10) about how I wished I had included one more lesson and she suggested that I share it today as a good luck lesson “you always need an extra for good luck!” she said.

So here it is…

Appreciate your body. Love your body. LIVE in your body. Respect your body.

This is one that I’m always working with. I constantly find myself looking back at photos of myself thinking “I looked so good then…” or “wow..I was so fit then..” when in reality, I’m still wearing the same clothes, they fit the same…the shape of my body may have changed a little here and there but for the most part, I look the same now as I did in the photographs that I always look back on. It’s my mind that sees someone different in the mirror. And here’s the thing – my body made a baby, birthed a baby medication free and has breastfed her now for almost 21 months. My body healed itself naturally after being burnt in a house-fire. My body has overcome an eating disorder. The list goes on and I’m sure you have similar stories about what your amazing body has done for you. Because our bodies work SO HARD every single day for us so something that I’m constantly working on, my “lesson for good luck” is to constantly love and accept the ebbs and flows of my body as it evolves with time and life.

Let’s talk about today’s guest – Ellen Fisher.
Ellen is such an effortless force. I started watching her YouTube videos years ago and fell in love with her vibrant, healthy, natural lifestyle in Maui Hawaii. Sharing now with an audience of half a million people, Ellen’s become a world-wide resource and role model for veganism, gentle parenting, home birthing and breastfeeding. In our chat we talk about how she and her husband Andrew manifested their move from California to Hawaii, why they did it and how they made it happen, we talk about unschooling and Ellen’s thoughts on the traditional school system, we talk about raising vegan children and what to do if you have a picky eater and we also talk about how social media has helped Ellen build up her confidence and improve her relationship with herself.


"Living is learning.”


In This Episode We Discuss...

+ why Ellen & her family decided to move to Hawaii from California and how they made it happen
+ tips Ellen has for others who want to move somewhere else
+ how Ellen has achieved financial freedom for her and her family
+ Ellen’s social media career
+ breastfeeding & milk sharing
+ our feelings around education
+ unschooling and allowing children to be ‘free thinkers’
+ raising children vegan
+ tips on getting your children to eat more fruits and vegetables
+ outside negativity and how to overcome it


"I really believe that we are all born vegan in our mind and in our hearts.”


33 Things I've Learned in 33 Years

episode 44


Today is my birthday! I’m 33 years old today and so far this has been the most incredible year of my life. I really feel like for the first time in my life I’m living my Divine purpose. I have found my place, my purpose, my role in this life and I am so, so happy. So today I am going to share with you, in no particular order, 33 things I’ve learned in my 33 years of life. 


In This Episode I Discuss...

+ 33 of the most important lessons that I've learned in my 33 years of life
+ my Akashic Records readings
+ the winners of the free Akashic Records readings


“Once I let go of competition with myself and other people, I felt so much more at peace.”


Heather Askinosie on Raising Heart Opening Children & Re-Connecting to the Light

episode 43

Heather Askinosie.jpg

It’s my birthday week and I love birthdays. They are such a beautiful day to honour YOURSELF and the life that you are creating and living! So to celebrate today I invited a guest back who left me feeling super inspired and who taught me a lot – Heather Askinosie, co-founder and crystal expert of Energy Muse.

If you listened to my first episode with Heather, you completely understand why I invited her back for a second conversation. She’s such a magical, captivating, intelligent, HIGH VIBE woman, she is the kind of person who leaves you feeling so good after interacting with her. In this episode we talk about being mothers to little energy-sensitive children, we talk about earth energy, we talk about using crystals as a way to overcome our sugar addiction and at the end of the episode she shares with me a REALLY interesting manifestation ritual to do this week before my birthday.


In This Episode We Discuss...

+ healing modalities Heather recently learned about on a trip to Nicaragua
+ crystals and the rainbow within (the chakra system)
+ how Heather is using crystals to help overcome her sugar addiction
+ how to cut the cords with crystals
+ how cutting the cords can benefit your health and your life
+ what Heather is working on right now energetically
+ how Heather and I got our daughter’s names through dreams
+ why Heather is drawn to Hawaii
+ bringing up children close to Spirit
+ children and crystals
+ what Ivy does with amethyst
+ a birthday manifestation ritual that Heather recommends


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Amelia Barnes on Light After Loss and Healing the Planet One Garment at a Time

episode 41


Each and every week I have the honour of sitting down with an extraordinary woman who is creating and living the life that she wants to live to talk about manifestation, spirituality, wellness, entrepreneurship, motherhood and more all with the intention of inspiring you to connect to your highest self so that you can manifest magic in your life! And today I’m talking to Amelia Barnes.

You may recognize her from her yoga videos on oneOeight or from her popular Instagram account @ameliayoga or perhaps you own one or many pieces from her eco-friendly clothing line, Prana Vida.

I started following Amelia back in 2014 when she was publicly sharing her grieving process after losing her son Landon on Instagram. Landon only lived for four days but touched the lives of hundreds of thousands of people around the world and continues to do so today. We’ll talk more about him and the work Amelia did to process her grief as well as what she’s up to now, as a mom to her daughter Lily, a business owner, why she cares about making her clothing eco-friendly and what that even means and also about her new vegan and zero waste lifestyle.



+ Amelia’s son Landon
+ how Amelia used writing and sharing to process and overcome her grief
+ how the power of social media can help us heal
+ ICP signs and symptoms
+ Amelia’s business Prana Vida
+ the new materials she's using in her summer collection and why
+ Amelia’s new lifestyle as a zero waste vegan
+ grocery shopping as a zero waste vegan
+ raising vegan children


Intuitive Parenting

episode 35


To conclude Maternal Mental Health Week, I want to offer my perspective on parenting from your heart. Listening to your intuition and shutting out all of the outside noise that makes parents doubt themselves. 

When I first had Ivy, I shared so much about how I was doing things and what I was doing (in raising her) online. I showed moments of our day to day together, I shared the book I was reading, the blogs I was reading, and how I was handling issues like sleep.

After a while I stopped doing this though because I realized that in doing so, I was actually doing a disservice to women. By sharing what I was doing, I was preventing women from tapping into their own intuition, listening to themselves and responding to their individual baby's needs. 

So this episode is for you, mothers. To remind you that you DO have everything you need to take care of your baby. 

website quote template.png


+ why I don't share as much about motherhood on social media anymore
+ why I used to be obsessed with the book "Bringing Up Bebe" and why I'm not anymore
+ why raising children is a spiritual experience
+ examples of how I've listened to my own intuition 



Bringing Up Bebe
ep. 19: Julie Piatt on Mothering, Eternally Creating and the Rise of SriMati

Manifesting Your Birth Experience

episode 34


I did something a little different today – my friend Lauren joined me to have a conversation. This isn’t an interview, it’s a discussion between two mothers in the evening, over Skype (even though we live in the same city), while our children were in bed, and we’re talking today about taking your power back as a woman. About believing in your body and the beautiful ability to give birth!

We both feel that in media, on television shows, movies, everything, birth is always depicted as this HORRIBLE experience where women are screaming and swearing and going absolutely crazy and that it’s so so so painful that there’s no way women can push a baby out without drugs or without some kind of medical intervention.

If you choose to have a medical intervention at your birth, if you choose an epidural or you choose a c-section or after you’ve been in labour for hours, things aren’t going to plan and you’re involved in the next steps, amazing - this conversation is about using your voice. Being involved in this process. Trusting your body, tuning into your intuition, being the driving voice behind your birth experience.

One of the books I mention in the episode and I’ve mentioned it before is Alicia Silverstone’s book The Kind Mama. In the book Alicia shares her birth story. She wanted to have a home birth and she started off that way. But after hours and hours she ended up having to go to the hospital for some help. But her story isn’t one of failure. She DELIVERED HER BABY. And she was in charge of her decisions from the moment she became pregnant until the moment she brought her baby into the world.

This conversation is inclusive, it’s meant to empower, inspire and to remind you that you CAN do this. That birth can be a beautiful experience. That it can be peaceful, that it can be blissful and magical and that you CAN do this.



+ our birth stories
+ how we manifested our birth experiences
+ why we believe in birth plans
+ tuning into your intuition and believing in your body
+ empowerment from birth
+ why we decided to do this episode in the first place


Dr. Catherine Birndorf on Perinatal Mood & Anxiety Disorders and How to Get Better

episode 33


Today is the first day of Maternal Mental Health week and as many of you may know, I’m a survivor of postpartum anxiety and postpartum depression. So from the moment I started planning my editorial calendar back in December, I knew I wanted to do something special for this week, to honour ALL mothers.

The moment I heard Dr. Catherine Birndorf speak on the goop podcast, I knew I had to have her on my show. I emailed her immediately and thankfully, she agreed to come on.

Catherine is passionate about postpartum mental health, anxiety especially, and provides SO much information and feedback and inspiration in this episode and I believe that this is important for EVERYONE to hear – whether you’re a mother or not. Because even if you’re not a mother, maybe your sister is or your friend is or your partner is. In any case, collectively, we need to step up and be there for new mothers.



+ what the Motherhood Center is
+ what a normal postpartum adjustment looks like
+ when the symptoms of postpartum anxiety and depression begin
+ what PMAD stands for
+ my personal experience of postpartum anxiety and what it looked like for me
+ perinatal anxiety
+ how to know when you require treatment
+ what it means to be a ‘sleeper mom’
+ medication
+ how to get help if you’re experiencing postpartum depression or postpartum anxiety symptoms 


Julie Piatt on Mothering, Eternally Creating and the Rise of SriMati

episode 29


Today I’m talking to Julie Piatt.

And you guys…pinch me. Did this really happen?
When I first started this podcast I made a list of guests that I want on the show. It was a very, very long list and thank you Universe, a lot of them have already been on the show. I also made a list of dream guests – guests that I thought “okay, maybe one day I’ll be able to connect with these women, maybe they’ll want to come on the show…who knows when, maybe after the show has been up and running for a few years and has hundreds of thousands or millions of downloads, maybe then I’ll get to connect with these women.”

Julie was one of the women on the list.

And here she is.

Manifest This! is three months old and Julie is on the show today.
To say I’m fangirling is an understatement, but I truly feel as though I manifested this interaction and connection, I’m forever grateful for it and my goodness, she’s an angel.

She’s so wise, I believe she’s lived SO many lifetimes (maybe this is her last one) because her wisdom and the way she speaks is so grounded, so eloquent, so graceful and confident and so calming.

If you don’t know her, Julie Piatt, also known as SriMati, is a true spiritual wellness warrior. She’s an author, podcast host, plant based chef, motivational speaker, meditation guide, yoga teacher, and singer. At the core of all of Julie’s offerings is an opportunity for an expansion of our perspectives; a gain of cosmic view so that we all may realize our divine blueprint or life purpose.

Julie has spent decades expressing divinity in all her life experiences. Living from a deep place of devotion SriMati guides others to remember their spiritual nature so that they too can experience the full presence of existence: the eternal consciousness breathing all life.

And we talk about SO MANY things in our conversation.

We touch on her background a little, we talk about the nature of the feminine existential frequency and how this energy breathes through Julie and allows her to continue creating, we talk about appreciating the friction in our lives, how it provides us room for expansion and growth, we talk about spirituality and her upbringing, we talk about raising children with spirituality, we talk about where she’s at currently with her kids in her journey as a mother, we talk about homeschooling and unschooling, we talk about what Julie calls ‘her sacred moment’, the rise of her empire, SriMati, why she chose to write a book about Italian cooking and so much more.

This conversation is truly spectacular and I’m so honoured to share it with you. Please listen to the end to hear how you can enter to win a trip to Italy to join Julie and her husband Rich Roll at their sold-out retreat this spring.



+ how Julie built the life she has for herself
+ the nature of the feminine existential frequency and how this energy breathes through Julie
+ why some of us incarnate into a family we do not fit into
+ appreciating the friction and room for expansion in our lives
+ Julie’s upbringing and spirituality
+ involving children in spiritual practices
+ the journey Julie is currently at with her kids
+ why Julie doesn’t believe children need to be taught to meditate
+ homeschooling and unschooling
+ the many colours of love
+ Julie’s "sacred moment"
+ the rise of SriMati Empire
+ SriMati This Cheese is Nuts
+ the PlantPower Way Italia