Krista Williams & Lindsey Simcik on Sharing with Intention to Create a Community

episode 67


The Queens of Podcasting are on Manifest This! today and they’re sharing everything from spilling it all to the masses to intentionally sharing to their spiritual journey to their dream Almost 30 guests.

Krista Williams is a social media influencer and creator/editor of the blog, The Hundred Blog. Hundred stands for keep it one hundred (her life motto). She has been featured in Women's Health, Self Magazine, Refinery29 and various other outlets. She partners closely to share her honest perspective with cutting edge thoughtful brands, like Airbnb, Adidas, Free People and Starwood Hotel Group to name a few.

Lindsey Simcik is a creator, an actor, a writer and a Senior Soul Cycle instructor. She is re-defining success by the day and using her hustle to make waves in and out of her main offices in Santa Monica. Beyond the daily life of being a co-founder and host of their iTunes top rated podcast, she shines regularly as a print and fit model for brands such as Asics, Elie Tahari, and Carbon38, and as various characters, like “Alicia”, a quirky Australian blogger, on her YouTube channel.  Lindsey was also recently caught playing a spin instructor on a hit ABC Network show.

Almost 30 is making a global impact with over 4 million downloads in 2 years and has been called 'Your Virtual Best Friends' by Coveteur. Almost 30 is a global community with fans in over 150 countries with hosted events all over the world and is quickly becoming more than just a podcast, it is a thriving community and movement.


“If you show up in a really authentic and vulnerable way, people will respond.”


In this episode we discuss…

+ being in the feminine and the masculine and what this means to Krista and Lindsey
+ sharing your truth as a method of healing
+ how the success of Almost 30 has impacted the way they see themselves
+ how Almost 30 has influenced their spiritual journey 
+ Krista and Lindsey’s dream Almost 30 guests
+ what Krista and Lindsey are most proud of in this moment


“You would be robbing the world of your talent and your ideas and your gifts if you didn’t take steps forward to make it happen.”


Manifestation and My Trip to LA

episode 64


I just got back from a trip to LA where I co-hosted an event with Krista Williams and Lindsey Simcik from the Almost 30 Podcast, I recorded an episode with them and also recorded an episode with Groomed LA. The entire trip was manifested and came to fruition in just a few months and I’m so excited to share with you how I did this and what’s coming up!


“Everything has happened so quickly, it’s manifesting so fast and yet none of it really feels surprising.”



+how I manifested my recent trip to LA (what I actually did)
+ how I felt when we first arrived in LA and what we did there
+ what I learned from my event with Almost 30 podcast
+ how the Universe is working with me
+ how I will support you with your manifestations


Morgan Yakus on Hypnosis and Visualizing the Life You Want

episode 62


Morgan Yakus is probably one of my biggest expanders and inspirations. Like really, I want to continue to RISE and build the success she’s built. She’s so kind, so genuine, so humble and leads from her heart centre. When we recorded this interview we talked for over two hours afterwards. I felt like I’ve known her forever and cannot wait to meet her in person one day.

Morgan is a 20 year fashion veteran and former owner of No.6 store in New York's Little Italy, she experienced everything she wanted to do before leaving fashion, including styling Lauryn Hill's for her Miss Education Tour, PR for Gucci and designing and curating vintage inspiration for many influential designers. Her natural departure from fashion gave way to her truest calling as a Human Cartographer and bicoastal wellness expert who works with clients around the world, facilitating active meditation, modern integrative hypnosis and teaching NLP techniques one to one, on retreats, in companies and with large groups, helping clients map and design the life they desire.

She has been listed top five practitioners by VOGUE to the fashion world and has hosted, spoken and taught at events in the U.S. and all over Europe, In Goop Health Conference, SXSW Wellness as well as held a monthly residency at the Soho House among others. With this work she has created hypnotic art experiences at The Sound Thought Festival in Glasgow, Scotland, Obonjan Island, Croatia and held a healing residency at the Ace Hotel in New York & CAP Beauty. Morgan has written for and has been featured in publications such as VOGUE, Elle UK, GOOP  French Glamour, Dutch VOGUE, Man Repeller, Well + Good, Mind Body Green, Cosmopolitan Magazine, Free + Native and more.

And she’s the woman who introduced me to the Akashic Records.


“It’s the state we’re looking for, not the thing. It’s the feeling that drives us.”


In This Episode We Discuss…

+ Morgan’s 20 year background in fashion
+ how the spiritual path chose Morgan
+ why she became a hypnotist 
+ the importance of patience and getting clear about what you want to be doing
+ what ’NLP’ is and the ‘looping’ that we have in our brain
+ past life regression
+ what her work ‘Human Cartography’ is 
+ re-programming our memories
+ how visual mantras work
+ how to change thought patterns in our minds


“Everything is hypnosis essentially.”


I'm So Excited to Share This With You

episode 61



I am so excited to announce my latest offering, “RISE: A Six-Week Reconnection to Your Divine Feminine Force.”

In the past six months, I have gained a sense of clarity that I’ve never had before. My ideas, ambition and creative output are focused and infinite. My bank account has never looked better. My manifestations rapidly actualize.

When I asked myself, “How did this happen?” I realized that it was because I began listening to my intuition.


When we hear or feel our intuition, it is our soul talking to us. When we act in alignment with our intuition we are reconnecting to the version of ourselves our soul is telling us to be. Our intuition can guide us to become the person our soul chose—our authentic self—before we were led astray by self-doubt, trauma or negative conditioning.

Like many of us, I found it hard to listen to my intuition. For many reasons, I would doubt, ignore or question what my intuition told me. I needed to do some major inner work to overcome these blocks and throughout this time I underwent a long process of reconnecting myself. What is reconnection? It is a journey of grounding, cleansing, healing and aligning which enabled me to Rise above my blocks and limiting beliefs and connect to my authentic self — the podcast host, the Akashic Records reader and healer, and the intuitive guide leading this course! It was nothing less than a complete transformation.

My journey of reconnection was not a straightforward path and I certainly didn't set out thinking, "I'm going to do all this hard inner work so I can hear my intuition telling me to start a podcast and read people's' Akashic Records." I had no way of knowing what was in store for me. I did it because I felt disconnected from myself and wanted the confidence and bravery to live my life for myself—whatever that looked like.

And now my journey has led me to share this process with you, because I am committed to helping women everywhere live their best life. 

This six-week online course is designed to help you mute the outside noise, overcome self-doubt, unblock self-belief, identify and reconnect to the most authentic version of yourself. Everything in the course—the rituals, meditations, intentions, activities—combines my experiences, stories, knowledge, and channeled direction from our most trusted guides, the Masters, Teachers and Loved Ones from the Akashic Records. At the end of the six weeks you will have the tools and rituals that you can use to heal and expand.

Take control of your life, access your unique authentic gifts, flow with your Divine Feminine Force, and RISE.

The course begins October 7, 2018.


“When we act in alignment with our intuition we are reconnecting to the version of ourselves that our soul is telling us to be.”


In This Episode I Discuss…

  • why I designed this course

  • what you can expect as a participant

  • who this course is designed for

  • how it will empower you


“Our intuition can guide us to become the person that our soul chose - our authentic self.”


I'm in the 333 Flow

episode 60


If you follow me on social media, you know that my family and I have been making some changes in our life. In one afternoon on a whim we decided to sell our house and change our living situation. And today I'll tell you why!


“We energetically grew out of our house.”


In This Episode I Discuss...

+ what happened in our house on August 12, the day after the final eclipse of the summer
+ why we decided to sell our house
+ where we are going to live
+ why September is a huge month for me
+ what I mean by the '333 flow' 
+ how we sold our house so fast


Channeling LIVE from the Akashic Records - BONUS EPISODE

episode 54


It's been two months since I launched my Akashic Records Reading and Healing Session practice and my life has completely transformed. The transformations feel so subtle because I am living in such alignment with my true self, but are actually so significant - from my goals to my bank account to the direction of my business to the way I now live my life. To celebrate this milestone, I am dedicating this bonus episode to everyone who listens to this podcast. For it is this podcast that introduced me to the Akashic Records and this podcast that has changed the trajectory of my life forever. So this is for you, my dear listeners. Enjoy!


"This is a healing, an energetic transmission at the root state of consciousness."


In This Episode I Discuss...

+ how my Akashic Record reading process has evolved and changed over the past two months
+ why I now call my readings Healing Sessions
+ practical life lessons that I have learned from the Records
+ a personal story about a lesson I learned from my own Records this past weekend
+ future offerings I have coming up
+ a LIVE Akashic Records channeling for the Manifest This! listeners

Show Notes

episode 28: I Read My Akashic Records (And You Can Read Yours, Too)
episode 39: Natalie Miles On Manifestation, Animals & How To Connect With Spirit
episode 42: My Akashic Record Readings Have Launched
episode 48: Full Moon Manifest: My Story
episode 50: Linda Howe On The Akashic Records, An Infinite Spiritual Resource
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Ksenia Avdulova on Manifesting, Divine Timing, and Stepping Into Your Truth

episode 52


Today’s guest is Ksenia Avdulova, the creator of the internationally renowned and celebrated brand and movement, Breakfast Criminals and ALSO more recently, the creator of crystal criminals and the host of the Woke & Wired podcast.

Ksenia is a really interesting person. I find her story fascinating. She mentions in the episode that she’s been incarnated into this current life to motivate and inspire others and that truly is her gift.

A few things about this episode –

You’ll hear the sound of crows in the background. There are a lot of crows that live in our neighbourhood. I actually called the Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre here one time about them because I found one with an injured wing and the woman I spoke to told me that crows travel together in families and set up a home in one location that really does become their home…they live there for years and years and years. I really respect the crows in our neighbourhood and I love them a lot! And it’s interesting that they came into this episode because honestly, they’re crowing outside ALL the time and I record these episodes with my windows open all the time…but for some reason they haven’t come through before. Ksenia suggested that I look into what they mean as spirit animals and so I did.

I learned that crows are a TOTEM animal, which means they are a spiritual being, a sacred object or a symbol a tribe, clan, family or individual. Some Native American tribe's tradition provides that each person is connected with nine different animals that will accompany him or her through life, acting as guides.

This caught my attention right away because totem animals have been coming into my consciousness a lot lately. My Masters, Teachers and Loved Ones in my Akashic Records are using them as symbols for me, instructing me to learn about certain animals to make sense of things happening in my life. I had never heard of the concept of ‘totem animal’ aside from animals on ‘totem poles’ but all of this is now fascinating to me and I’m diving deep into learning more about it.

Anyways, a crow used to have a bad reputation, symbolizing bad luck and death but our new ear has brought upon new meanings for this gorgeous and very special bird. The crow now symbolizes a new phase in someone’s life. If you find yourself seeing crows all the time, take some time to discover yourself on a deeper level because you may be going through a period of personal transformation and growth. A crow can also mean intelligence, flexibility and destiny.

So, onto Ksenia. She’s a New York-based entrepreneur, an embodiment of the new paradigm and has created the award-nominated media platform Breakfast Criminals with over 100K+ followers through the intuitive guidance she received in meditations. From journeying to the mountaintops of India to studying a variety of energetic practices like QiGong and Reiki, she understands the power that opens up when you combine expanding your consciousness, digital technology, and unstoppable action.

In our conversation, we discuss her personal story of growth and discovery, how she has manifested the abundant life she lives now, honouring where you come from, improving and getting better in your skills and practice, stepping into something you’re meant to be doing in this world and a really interesting topic that we haven’t covered on the show yet, balancing spirituality and technology. She also shares her tips on HOW to build a large online following and how she monetized her brand.

I hope you enjoy this conversation as much as I enjoyed having it!


“I believe that I’m going to be guided to where I need to be."


In This Episode We Discuss...

+ Ksenia’s unique story personal story that has taken her around the world
+ what happened after she lost her apartment, her job and her boyfriend in New York
+ how ballet school plays a huge part in Ksenia’s story
+ how Ksenia started Breakfast Criminals and built it to what it is today
+ how Ksenia monetized Breakfast Criminals
+ honouring where you come from, improving and getting better
+ Ksenia’s nomadic year abroad
+ online dating
+ Ksenia’s spiritual journey
+ stepping into something you’re meant to be doing in this world
+ building a large online community and following
+ Ksenia’s new podcast Woke & Wired
+ balancing spirituality and technology
+ crystals


“It’s not so much the words that we share but the energy that we put in anything that we put out into the world that ends up determining how it affects the world and the people who come in touch with it.”


Full Moon Manifest: My Story

episode 48

bonus episode.jpg

Happy Full Strawberry Moon! Since Full Moons provide a magical time to take the intentions that you're holding in your heart to a new vibration in order for them to finally manifest, I figured I would share my story with you. How I have actively (and sometimes not so actively) manifested the life I'm currently living. 


+ how I was using the Law of Attraction before I even knew what it was
+ what a psychic told me in 2012
+ how the Universe threw rocks at me to force me to change course
+ the moment I felt an energetic shift in my life
+ a financial surprise when we needed it most
+ what has happened since as a family we put the Law of Attraction into practice
+ stories from my Akashic Records readings so far


You have the power within you.


Millana Snow on the Law of Attraction and Embracing the Real You

episode 46


I am so, so grateful that you’re joining me today because oh my goodness, this episode is truly special. I take extra pride in my editorial calendar and choose each guest for the show very, very carefully and therefore I love every episode but this one surprised me in the best way possible.

I knew Millana Snow was inspiring, magical, mystical, REAL, true, passionate and a woman I needed to have on Manifest This! but after basking in her radiance for just over an hour while we recorded this episode over Skype (we weren’t even in personal and I picked up on her magical) she blew me away.

Millana Snow is model and actor for over 12 years, a Reiki healer, a meditation teacher, an entrepreneur and Founder of Serene Social, and the new; an interactive online marketplace that features the best-of curated practitioners and brands from the global wellness community. And her passion is to connect, empower and support others to heal themselves by expanding consciousness in their everyday lives. Millana, has always lived in a world of contrast, spending her childhood reading the Bhagavad Gita and her tarot cards, she went on to the world of fashion and entertainment becoming the winner of Project Runway and working with clients like YSL, Cover Girl, L'Oreal and Gant as well as working behind the scenes in publishing, public relations and creative direction for VIBE, Uptown Magazine, Vespa and Porsche. Today Millana has integrated these worlds by leading workshops, meditations and talks at NYU, Syracuse, Summit LA17, Soho House, Lululemon, Alexander Wang and more.

In our conversation we talk about her childhood, how she found spirituality and learned about her gifts, what happened after she discovered the Law of Attraction, how she manifested her win on Project Runway and every job she’s had since and we also go quite deep on how to accept yourself, embrace your shadows, and how to allow yourself to just FEEL.

This episode is truly amazing, and I’m so honoured to share it with you.


“I hang up the phone and I hear in my Spirit, you are the winner of Project Runway.”


In This Episode We Discuss...

+ Millana’s childhood, why she moved around a lot and how this influenced her spiritual development
+ Millana’s relationship with her father
+ what she learned from her mother and how she reacted to Millana’s spiritual journey
+ Millana’s first tarot reading and the moment she realized that her gifts are real
+ the struggles Millana faced after moving to New York
+ the moment Millana discovered The Law of Attraction and how it changed her life
+ how Millana manifested her win on Project Runway
+ what Millana is manifesting in this present time
+ what I am manifesting right now and why
+ how Millana works with the moon cycles
+ what happened to Millana after winning Project Runway
+ how Millana started her first business, Rooftop Yoga and how it grew around the world
+ how Millana found Reiki and what happened after her first session
+ “human bypassing” 
+ allowing yourself to feel and accept abundance in all areas of your life
+ what happened after Millana started to embrace who she truly is
+ finding beauty in the shadow times


“If it doesn’t feel like that, I'm not doing it.”




YouVeda is an Ayurvedic supplement, family owned company that takes a holistic approach to maintaining a healthy body and mind through a fusion of botanical and herbal extracts, ancient Ayurvedic medicine and modern technology.

Use the code "MANIFEST" to take 35% off your first order

Ellen Fisher on Unschooling and Following Your Heart

episode 45

ellen fisher.jpg

I want to take a moment to deeply thank you for all of your feedback and love on my special birthday episode that I shared last week – 33 Things that I’ve Learned in 33 Years – so many of you told me that my words brought you to tears and that means the world to me.
I was talking to one of my close girlfriends Alexandra Dawson, former podcast guest (episode 10) about how I wished I had included one more lesson and she suggested that I share it today as a good luck lesson “you always need an extra for good luck!” she said.

So here it is…

Appreciate your body. Love your body. LIVE in your body. Respect your body.

This is one that I’m always working with. I constantly find myself looking back at photos of myself thinking “I looked so good then…” or “wow..I was so fit then..” when in reality, I’m still wearing the same clothes, they fit the same…the shape of my body may have changed a little here and there but for the most part, I look the same now as I did in the photographs that I always look back on. It’s my mind that sees someone different in the mirror. And here’s the thing – my body made a baby, birthed a baby medication free and has breastfed her now for almost 21 months. My body healed itself naturally after being burnt in a house-fire. My body has overcome an eating disorder. The list goes on and I’m sure you have similar stories about what your amazing body has done for you. Because our bodies work SO HARD every single day for us so something that I’m constantly working on, my “lesson for good luck” is to constantly love and accept the ebbs and flows of my body as it evolves with time and life.

Let’s talk about today’s guest – Ellen Fisher.
Ellen is such an effortless force. I started watching her YouTube videos years ago and fell in love with her vibrant, healthy, natural lifestyle in Maui Hawaii. Sharing now with an audience of half a million people, Ellen’s become a world-wide resource and role model for veganism, gentle parenting, home birthing and breastfeeding. In our chat we talk about how she and her husband Andrew manifested their move from California to Hawaii, why they did it and how they made it happen, we talk about unschooling and Ellen’s thoughts on the traditional school system, we talk about raising vegan children and what to do if you have a picky eater and we also talk about how social media has helped Ellen build up her confidence and improve her relationship with herself.


"Living is learning.”


In This Episode We Discuss...

+ why Ellen & her family decided to move to Hawaii from California and how they made it happen
+ tips Ellen has for others who want to move somewhere else
+ how Ellen has achieved financial freedom for her and her family
+ Ellen’s social media career
+ breastfeeding & milk sharing
+ our feelings around education
+ unschooling and allowing children to be ‘free thinkers’
+ raising children vegan
+ tips on getting your children to eat more fruits and vegetables
+ outside negativity and how to overcome it


"I really believe that we are all born vegan in our mind and in our hearts.”