Vanessa Kunderman on Decoding Your Personal Story to Be Who You Actually Are

episode 68


Vanessa is really interesting. I’m drawn to her. She has this energy about her that’s really commanding – captivating. She can hold your attention and bring you in and have you believe everything she’s saying. Which is probably why she’s one of my favourite readers.

She talks about her crystal readings in this episode and if you’ve been fortunate enough to have one with her, you know what I’m talking about. She’s magic. And she doesn’t know that, she says she doesn’t do anything but as a reader myself I can understand that, she doesn’t do anything, the guides and the client do, but she INTERPRETS the energy she receives in a really beautiful, eloquent and HELPFUL way.

We talk about WHY we choose these words about ourselves to describe ourselves and how supportive OR unsupportive a bio really can be so I’m going to read directly from her site to introduce her:

Vanessa says: “I’d say I’m passionate. I love motivating others. I get bored quickly. I often vouch for the underdog, or at least another perspective. I’m curious. Inquisitive. Hardworking. I also happen to express these things through writing, designing, teaching, and my journey through motherhood and being a cancer survivor. I'm VanessaLibra/Aries. Manifestor in Human Design. Millennial. Storyteller.”


“That’s what I think is so beneficial about astrology - is it just gives you permission to be who you are.”



+ how Vanessa found her path in the mystical world
+ crystals and how she received guidance from her guides on how to conduct her crystal readings 
+ Vanessa’s interest in astrology and how she writes her moon reports
+ how astrology can support us in living as our authentic self 
+ how society has gone off path
+ what Vanessa means by ‘Narrative Healing’
+ Human Design 
+ Q&A: manifesting with crystals, how to manage spirituality in a conventional family, spirituality and religion, connecting to your intuition 


“We’re so focused on ‘the path’ when we should be focused on the person walking the path.”


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