Summer Sanders on Eating Disorder Recovery, Plant-Based Living & the Power of Childbirth

episode 24


Today on the show I’m talking to Summer Sanders. Since recording this podcast, which was the first time we ever talked, to now airing it, I consider Summer a friend. We just click, you know? She’s so kind and genuine and down to Earth and I want to go to Sedona ASAP and hang out with her and her little guy Henry and drink juice at her shop, Local Juicery and soak up the spiritual vibe that apparently Sedona has to offer!

Summer is a trained raw food chef, an author, a restaurant owner, a plant-based nutritionist, a personal trainer, a mother and she’s one of the few people I know who was raised by a mother who had her at home, was juicing, eating vegan, and doing the whole WELLNESS thing long before it hit the ‘scene.’

In our chat we discuss Summer’s background, how she found juice and fell in love with it so deeply that she ended up opening a juice bar. We also talk about eating disorders, something we both have experience with. Summer and I talk about how we have both dealt with our eating disorders, we talk about raising our children vegan, we talk about the school system, we talk about so much.

I loved this conversation, it was a JOY getting to know her better and I know you’re going to love her too. AND this is Summer’s first time ever being on a podcast, so exciting!



+ Summer's holistic upbringing, being born at home, being exposed to nature, living off the grid
+ moving with her mother to Sedona, Arizona
+ being ‘the weird kid' at school and how this affected her development
+ what she describes as having a fragmented sense of self’ 
+ experiencing a dark time after moving to California and changing her career path
+ what led her to trying her first juice cleanse
+ coming home to herself
+ attending Matthew Kenney's school and working for him
+ pregnancy
+ openning Local Juicery in Seonda in 2015
+ her experience with disordered eating
+ raising plant-based children
+ home-schooling vs. public school
+ ups & downs with meat
+ postpartum recovery
+ spending time doing the things you enjoy
+ finding balance and enjoyment in life
+ crystals
+ knowing what’s right for YOU
+ how to incorporate more plants into your diet

pantel live 6.jpg

The first ever Manifest This! LIVE event is taking place on April 22 in Winnipeg at Fools & Horses! I’ll be interviewing Monique Pantel, owner of Pantel Photography – and you guys, she’s an angel. Monique is so kind and so special and she’s built a successful photography business that takes her all around the world. Monique’s photos are so beautiful, she captures moments unlike anyone else and she puts her heart into her work. She’s always jet setting to gorgeous destinations like Italy or Kenya or Arizona or Mexico to shoot for weddings, family portraits and NGO’s and we’re going to talk about how she’s creating and living a life that she loves and so much more.

THIS IS A FREE EVENT – We’re going to start our chat around 6:15 pm so please come early – doors will open at 5:40 pm, you can come get a drink, hang out…it’s going to be cozy, intimate and really fun. I can’t wait to see you there!