Purnima Chaudhari on Sharing Spiritual Gifts & the Transdermal Marma System

episode 58


I am SO EXCITED that you’re joining me today because today I’m interviewing my healer. And not just a healer, Purnima is an angel on Earth. I swear it.

I met Purnima a few months back at a Manifest This! LIVE event, she was in the audience and came up to say hello after but after she sent one of her clients to me for an Akashic Records reading, I booked a reiki session with her on a whim. I had no idea how transformative it would be for me and for my life.

Purnima is truly gifted. She is a certified Ayurvedic Practitioner, Reflexologist, Reiki Master and Esthetician. She is also the current Manitoba Chair for Ayurveda Association of Canada. She describes herself as a lifelong learner and has received received teaching from world renowned Ayurvedic practitioner Vaidya R. K. Mishra of the Shaka Vansiya Ayurveda (SVA) lineage. From him, she learnt how to do nadi pariksha (pulse assessment) along with Transdermal Marma treatment. She did this treatment on me and I felt my soul elevate out of my body. It’s unlike anything I’ve ever experienced and it’s so special because only a few people in the world know how to do this.

Purnima currently offers Ayurvedic consultations and therapies based on her SVA training. She educates people on how to cook authentic Ayurvedic tridoshic meals and the importance of food combinations and use of spices. Along with four seasonal Ayurvedic retreats and biannual Ayurvedic home detox, she regularly offers Ayurvedic treatments and energy healings with Reiki and IET. She has performed six distance reiki treatments on my daughter Ivy and you’ll hear in our conversation how transformative this has been for both Ivy and our family.

This episode is so special. 


“We are all one, we are connected. We can help each other and we have to, there is no other way.”


In This Episode We Discuss...

+ how Purnima found Ayurveda
+ Purnima’s teacher and guru, Vaidya R.K.Mishra
+ what is the Transdermal Marma System?
+ how I felt while (and after) receiving a Marma treatment from Purnima
+ Marma for self-healing
+ how Purnima learned about her spiritual gifts
+ the distance reiki that Purnima performed on Ivy and what that was like for her
+ how Purnima protects herself as a lightworker
+ what Purnima is working on in her spiritual journey
+ love as medicine


“I see a lot of good happening around the world. I choose to focus on that rather than all the negative.”