Paula Mallis on Conscious Conception, Infertility and Inner Healing

episode 57


Today's guest, Paula Mallis, is a Doula, Spiritual Counselor, Facilitator of women circles and Founder of WMN SPACE. She believes “birth” can manifest in many forms for women and that as women, we have the opportunity to birth babies, projects, new versions of ourselves and all that we are called to bring into the world. Supporting women on their own unique journey in life is my deepest passion.

In her practice, she blends together her experience as a mother, her expertise as a Doula, a Facilitator and her extensive training in Spiritual Psychology.

This is a very beautiful, encouraging episode and I’m so honoured to share it with you.


"I know why I’m here and my purpose and the work that I do with women, that I was really going through all of this so I could be of better service to women who are going through a similar journey as well.”


In This Episode We Discuss...

+ the shift in consciousness Paula experienced during her pregnancy
+ energetic, emotional and spiritual work for infertility
+ conscious conception
+ Paula’s three year long journey with infertility
+ how Paula carried her intention near her
+ how “birth” can manifest in many forms for women
+ continuing to move the consciousness forward collectively
+ why Paula opened WMN SPACE and programs offered there
+ what is Spiritual Psychology?
+ why Paula wears all white


“I feel so honoured to be a woman in this lifetime."