Nina Endrst on Overcoming Trauma and Getting Comfortable Being Uncomfortable

episode 59



Today I’m talking to Nina Endrst. Nina and I connected over Instagram and it really was divine timing. I didn’t even really know why I was interviewing her other than I was drawn to her, and I’m so glad I followed that feeling because she’s so interesting and so inspiring.

Nina's upbringing deeply influenced her approach to wellness. Her own chronic health issues and childhood trauma prompted her to leave her job in fashion – and deepen her yoga practice which ultimately led her down the teaching path.

Nina believes in the healing power of stillness, love, and acceptance. She guides but more importantly empowers students to live in their truth and align with their soul purpose. She is a nurturer, certified yoga, meditation guide, reiki practitioner, writer and spiritual mentor.

Nina and I chat about the childhood trauma she experienced and how it affected her life growing up, her intuitive move to Mexico, how she found healing through  yoga, learning to accept and forgive, motherhood and mindfully raising children, Nina’s spiritual journey, how she works with the chakras and so much more.


“There’s a difference between moving past something and moving through it.”


In this episode we discuss...

+ the childhood trauma (sexual abuse) that Nina experienced and how it affected her life as she grew up
+ her intuitive move to Mexico
+ how she found healing through yoga
+ having a spiritual relationship with yoga and meditation
+ learning to accept and forgive
+ how trauma can manifest into physical illness
+ lessons in healing yourself
+ motherhood and mindfully raising children
+ Nina’s offerings and how she works with the chakras
+ prioritizing your health and taking care of yourself


"You have to do what works for you, we’re all built differently.”