Natalie Miles on Manifestation, Animals & How to Connect with Spirit

episode 39


Natalie Miles is back! Her episode is the highest downloaded episode to date on Manifest This! and I’m so honoured and thrilled to have her back to discuss new topics on animals and spirit, manifestation, and improving our intuitive gifts, because we are ALL capable of doing this work.

I want to let you know that this is the last Thursday episode. The show is going down to one episode a week, on Mondays, and I’ll share more about that and about a recent Akashic Records reading that I did on myself after my conversation with Natalie, so please stay tuned for that.



+ past life regressions and why Natalie offers them
+ stories about Natalie's past lives and my past lives
+ what happens after we life our last human existence
+ animals and Spirit
+ how Natalie improved her intuitive gifts
+ how everyone can improve their intuitive gifts
+ the significance of Mercedes cars in my life right now
 + manifestation mindset
+ vision boards
+ Natalie's current manifestations
+ how Spirit is sending Ashley messages through "Yellow" by Coldplay
+ cats and Spirit
+ Get Guided and Natalie's upcoming The Spirit Upgrade Live in Vancouver