Natalie Miles on Life as a Psychic & How to Connect to Your Spirit Guides

episode 26


Two weeks ago I put up an episode called “Talking to Spirits & Meeting the Dark Side” and after 24 hours, I took it down. A whole bunch of you got to listen to it but lots of you didn’t. The reason I took it down is because I felt that the message wasn’t communicated correctly. I believe in dark energy, I’ve seen it, it’s real and just like everything in our physical life and the spirit world – there’s dark and there’s light. There’s love and there’s hate. We see it now in today’s political climate. But the beauty is that love wins. Light always overpowers dark.

I was Divinely guided to today’s guest, Natalie Miles and as soon as I took down the episode, I knew that she was the perfect person to re-visit this subject with.

Natalie is a psychic medium and honestly she’s just the most beautiful person. She has such a kind spirit and her work is done from her heart centre. It really is. She does what she does to heal people, to connect people, to bring love and light into the world and already she’s been such a teacher and friend to me.

In our chat we talk about dark energy. I re-tell the story that I took down two weeks ago and we get into it. We also talk about how to connect to your spirit guides – that everyone can do it and Natalie gives us tips that we can ALL apply to our spiritual practices. We also talk about dreams, we talk about animals a bit, we talk about so much and she gives me a reading that is so accurate and gives you some insight into a project that I’ve been working on with my husband.

When I went to edit this episode, I noticed that we started our chat at 1:11 into recording. Proof that SPIRIT was with us, guiding us, and surrounding this conversation with love. I hope you enjoy this very special episode.



+ Natalie's background, growing up as a psychic child
+ her 2014 move to Vancouver and how it changed her life
+ the moment she decided to start embracing her gifts and how it changed her life
+ her business, The Spirit Upgrade
+ Spirit Guides and how to communicate with them
+ dark energy and my experience with it
+ how to ground and protect yourself from dark energy
+ the dream world
+ messages Natalie receives for me

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