Meredith Baird Figone on Knowing What You Want, Staying Curious & the Beauty of Motherhood

episode 16


Today I’m joined by the incredible, beautiful, goddess mama Meredith Baird Figone. Meredith and I have been in contact since 2013 or 2014? I don’t even know, but she’s been inspiring me since the day we first chatted. She’ll tell you all about it in our chat, but Meredith has been at the whole plant-based, raw food thing for a LONG time. After attending a raw food culinary arts school in 2005, she became a certified raw food chef and instructor and later went on to co-author of three books, Raw Chocolate, Everyday Raw Detox and Plant Food. In 2015, she released her first solo title, Coconut Kitchen.

Inspired by the versatile and beneficial properties of the coconut, last year she launched her newest endeavour - a plant-based line of body products called Nucifera Body. Her creations are designed to inspire and let nature do most of the work and I couldn’t be happier and more proud to call her a friend.

In our chat, we discuss how she found herself moving to California to pursue raw food culinary arts, the work she did in the restaurant industry, what becoming a mother has been like for her (our daughters are only a few weeks apart) and we talk a lot about food – plant-based nutrition, raising our daughters plant-based, the problem with nourishing traditions and more.

By sharing our conversation, it’s my intention to help you connect to you to your highest and most beautiful self so you too can manifest THIS magic in your life. 



+ when Meredith realized she felt a connection to plant-based cusine
+ how she fostered that connection and continued to learn
+ her decision to go to Raw Culinary Arts School in 2005
+ the wine scene in Napa and how that affected her career
+ the work she did with Matthew Kenney
+ the importance of focus and follow through
+ how to shut out the noise of social media
+ the birth of Nucifera (and her daughter Livia)
+ the expansiveness of love in motherhood
+ pregnancy and parenting in the first year
+ balancing motherhood and entrepreneurship
+ in this present moment where we are at with FOOD in 2018
+ eating plant-based and what that means as mothers raising plant-based children
+ eating for the future