Lauren Toyota on Life in the Vortex & Playing the Manifest Game

episode 70


Oooh this is a good one!

Lauren Toyota is back for a second episode on Manifest This! and sharing thoughts, announcements and revelations that she’s never talked about before.

Lauren and I have a soul-level connection. We’ve never met in real life but are confident that we knew each other in past lives because every time we talk, we connect so deeply. We have a special kind of chemistry where we just understand each other and we’re so comfortable with one another. This conversation is one of my favourites so far.


“When we’re too attached, we’re holding it away from us.”



+ life after her cookbook, “101 Recipes to Feed Your Face”
+ limits in manifestation? 
+ how Lauren’s alignment and spirituality grew during the hot for food cookbook tour
+ life in the vortex
+ energy and the internet
+ how manifestation works
+ Lauren’s next books (announcement!)
+ getting out of your own way
+ Lauren’s split with John, how she’s made peace with it, her anger and what she did to move on
+ a teaching from the Akashic Records on healing


“There’s a difference when you do things when you’re trying and there’s a difference when you do things when they’re meant to flow through you.”