Kelsey Patel on Reiki, Healing & Taking Responsibility for Your Happiness

Kelsey Patel on Reiki, Healing & Taking Responsibility for Your Happiness

episode 22

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Hello my beautiful friends and thank you SO MUCH for sharing this space with me today.

I’m so honoured and grateful and HAPPY to connect with all of you and appreciate this community we’re building so, so much. If you haven’t already joined the Manifest This! Kindred Spirits group on Facebook, please do! It’s a private group so you have to ask to join and I’ll accept you. And then once you’re in, please introduce yourself to the group – tell us about you, where you’re from, what brought you to the show… .I want to know about you! I want to know you. And so does everyone else in the group.

I have something I want to share with you…my personal website,, is retiring soon. In April. I love this website, I love the work on it, I love the photos, I really, really am proud of it. I remember when I first started building it (the gorgeous finished product was finessed by my husband – creative mastermind). A year ago, I had a newborn. I was on maternity leave.  I didn't have a job to return to once my leave was up. I knew I was going to stay home to take care of her but I needed an income to do so. So I started building this website. I decided to sell ebooks and host workshops. I left a lot of it up to the Universe and trusted that if I continued to manifest my goals and take action on achieving them, it would work out. It had to. And it has. I've been self-employed for six months now and our family has gone on living the same as always, like we haven't skipped a beat.

And I am SO GRATEFUL. I feel as though the site as served its purpose. I’m going to be perfectly honest with you – I don’t really enjoy writing recipes anymore. After food blogging for a few years, I’m ready to close that chapter and host women on this show who DO love writing recipes so they can share their magic with us.

So I’m giving you a heads up, if you want to check out the site, if there’s anything you want to read or make or try before it’s down…check out

I AM saving the content and doing something fun with it and I’ll tell you about that soon. I was really nervous about making this decision, even though I know it’s the right one. Sometimes we need to make BIG moves and fearlessly leave the past behind in order to move forward. In a “give it all you got” kinda way, you know?? 

Let’s talk about today’s guest. Kelsey Patel.

Kelsey is an LA-based certified reiki master, yoga instructor, and meditation teacher specializing in the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT.) She’s also a spiritual empowerment coach, she co-owns an active wear company, she owns a Pure Barre studio, she leads retreats around the world…she does a lot. And I had a long list of questions I wanted to ask her and then after we started talking, I didn’t look at my notes once because our conversation just flowed so naturally. And she’s basically living my dream life because she’s from Grand Forks North Dakota, which is just south of Winnipeg – where I live – and now she lives in California and she travels the world – she’s currently in Bali for a month hosting a retreat and her stories on Instagram just look soooo beautiful.

Kelsey has been featured in Marie Claire, Elite Daily, Well & Good, Goop, Page Six, Mind Body Green, Harper’s Bazaar, US Weekly, The Domaine, Free People, The New York Times, The Chalkboard Magazine and so many more places and she truly is such a light.

In our chat we talk about her healing journey and why she turned to energy healing to heal herself, finding joy and purpose in your work, enjoying the moment and taking responsibility for your choices and at the end she does reiki on us, which is such a treat. I tell her in the episode that her words are like medicine and they are – Kelsey truly is a healer.



+ what exactly IS Reiki? 
+ Kelsey’s background and her personal experience with stress and physical pain
+ how she found Reiki to heal herself
+ Emotional Freedom Technique, also known as  ‘tapping’
+ acknowledging and accepting invitations from your angels and guides
+ finding joy in life purpose and work
+ building abundance in life, easily
+ enjoying the moment and trusting in divine timing
+ taking responsibility for your choices

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