Kate Van Horn on Intuitive Practices and Chakra Alignment

episode 72


I didn’t really know anything about Kate before I reached out to her to have this interview. Quite a few Manifest This! listeners asked to hear from her and I’m so glad they did because Kate is such a light. From the moment we connected over email I felt an instant connect, as though I had known her forever. She’s an old, wise soul and is making ripple effect changes across the wellness world. Enjoy this beautiful conversation and remember to rate, review and subscribe to Manifest This! on iTunes.


“I have used my history and my story to foster community in the ways that I can and to promote intuitive practices to tap into your soul purpose.”


In This Episode We Discuss…

+ Kate’s intuitive decision to leave her home and uproot her life
+ Kate’s recovery from anorexia, depression and anxiety
+ how Kate reconnected to her intuition and how she receives  
+ children and intuition
+ intuitive eating - what it means and how to do it
+ checking in with chakras through meditation
+ games to strengthen your intuition 
+ future plans for The GOOD Fest
+ “the clearing” yoga


“I was blown away to live within the present moment, because that felt like pure relief.” 


“We can’t ‘should’ on ourselves.”