Julie Piatt on Mothering, Eternally Creating and the Rise of SriMati

episode 29


Today I’m talking to Julie Piatt.

And you guys…pinch me. Did this really happen?
When I first started this podcast I made a list of guests that I want on the show. It was a very, very long list and thank you Universe, a lot of them have already been on the show. I also made a list of dream guests – guests that I thought “okay, maybe one day I’ll be able to connect with these women, maybe they’ll want to come on the show…who knows when, maybe after the show has been up and running for a few years and has hundreds of thousands or millions of downloads, maybe then I’ll get to connect with these women.”

Julie was one of the women on the list.

And here she is.

Manifest This! is three months old and Julie is on the show today.
To say I’m fangirling is an understatement, but I truly feel as though I manifested this interaction and connection, I’m forever grateful for it and my goodness, she’s an angel.

She’s so wise, I believe she’s lived SO many lifetimes (maybe this is her last one) because her wisdom and the way she speaks is so grounded, so eloquent, so graceful and confident and so calming.

If you don’t know her, Julie Piatt, also known as SriMati, is a true spiritual wellness warrior. She’s an author, podcast host, plant based chef, motivational speaker, meditation guide, yoga teacher, and singer. At the core of all of Julie’s offerings is an opportunity for an expansion of our perspectives; a gain of cosmic view so that we all may realize our divine blueprint or life purpose.

Julie has spent decades expressing divinity in all her life experiences. Living from a deep place of devotion SriMati guides others to remember their spiritual nature so that they too can experience the full presence of existence: the eternal consciousness breathing all life.

And we talk about SO MANY things in our conversation.

We touch on her background a little, we talk about the nature of the feminine existential frequency and how this energy breathes through Julie and allows her to continue creating, we talk about appreciating the friction in our lives, how it provides us room for expansion and growth, we talk about spirituality and her upbringing, we talk about raising children with spirituality, we talk about where she’s at currently with her kids in her journey as a mother, we talk about homeschooling and unschooling, we talk about what Julie calls ‘her sacred moment’, the rise of her empire, SriMati, why she chose to write a book about Italian cooking and so much more.

This conversation is truly spectacular and I’m so honoured to share it with you. Please listen to the end to hear how you can enter to win a trip to Italy to join Julie and her husband Rich Roll at their sold-out retreat this spring.



+ how Julie built the life she has for herself
+ the nature of the feminine existential frequency and how this energy breathes through Julie
+ why some of us incarnate into a family we do not fit into
+ appreciating the friction and room for expansion in our lives
+ Julie’s upbringing and spirituality
+ involving children in spiritual practices
+ the journey Julie is currently at with her kids
+ why Julie doesn’t believe children need to be taught to meditate
+ homeschooling and unschooling
+ the many colours of love
+ Julie’s "sacred moment"
+ the rise of SriMati Empire
+ SriMati This Cheese is Nuts
+ the PlantPower Way Italia