Jenna Zoe on Living Your Human Design

episode 47

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By this point you’ve probably heard Jenna Zoe on a podcast before she’s been making the rounds sharing all about HUMAN DESIGN and I’m happy to tell you that if you have heard her speak before….this episode is different. Rather than focusing on the Human Design types and my personal chart, I asked Jenna about HERSELF. How she feels now that she’s living her design, what has changed in her life, what has she learned about herself and HOW she lives now. We do also talk about what Human Design is, for those who have never heard of this before and I share a few of my own recent downloads from Spirit that are so beautiful – think baby stars and snowflakes.


“My current life is a medicine for my old self.”



+ what Human Design is, where it comes from and how it's used
+ how Jenna found Human Design and how she built her career as a Human Design reader
+ surrendering to the Universe and trusting that believing that life will carry us
+ how a Human Design chart differs from an Astrological birth chart
+ a download from Spirit that I received about birth and the stars
+ how Jenna’s life is different now that she is living for her Human Design type
+ societal de-conditioning and Human Design
+ eating for your design type
+ how Jenna continues to learn Human Design through her readings
+ the Rabbit Hole
+ what Jenna does for self-care
+ Jenna’s teachers and mentors
+ the harm done when we put others on a pedestal by judgements and comparisons
+ 5 things about GENERATORS (my type)


"Our work is 10% of the work and the Universe is the one that will rush to do the rest.”




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