Jena Sophia on Transforming Your Subconscious Through PSYCH-K

episode 75


I’m so excited for Jena Sophia to be making her podcast debut today on Manifest This! Especially because I know this is a topic that you’re going to enjoy and possibly even want to experience yourself. Jena is an advanced Psych-k facilitator, a Reiki Master and an intuitive of flower essences and truly a beautiful soul. Enjoy this episode!


“Only until we remove those energetic cords of discomfort, disagreement and get to a place of neutrality, that is how we’re going to change the world.” 


In This Episode We Discuss…

+ what is PSYCH-K and how does it work?
+ how Jena found it and why she is now a facilitator 
+ our thoughts, our energies and our beliefs from our subconscious 
+ how our beliefs are connected to illness
+ unbecoming subconscious conditioning through PSYCH-K
+ Jena’s Muslim upbringing and how it led to PSYCH-K
+ Jena’s spiritual practice 
+ the power in controlling reactions 
+  a lens of empowerment rather than the lens of a victim


“We are all worthy, no matter what. Once we realize that worthiness, we are able to create and see life through a lens of empowerment rather than the lens of a victim.”