Heather Askinosie on Raising Heart Opening Children & Re-Connecting to the Light

episode 43

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It’s my birthday week and I love birthdays. They are such a beautiful day to honour YOURSELF and the life that you are creating and living! So to celebrate today I invited a guest back who left me feeling super inspired and who taught me a lot – Heather Askinosie, co-founder and crystal expert of Energy Muse.

If you listened to my first episode with Heather, you completely understand why I invited her back for a second conversation. She’s such a magical, captivating, intelligent, HIGH VIBE woman, she is the kind of person who leaves you feeling so good after interacting with her. In this episode we talk about being mothers to little energy-sensitive children, we talk about earth energy, we talk about using crystals as a way to overcome our sugar addiction and at the end of the episode she shares with me a REALLY interesting manifestation ritual to do this week before my birthday.


In This Episode We Discuss...

+ healing modalities Heather recently learned about on a trip to Nicaragua
+ crystals and the rainbow within (the chakra system)
+ how Heather is using crystals to help overcome her sugar addiction
+ how to cut the cords with crystals
+ how cutting the cords can benefit your health and your life
+ what Heather is working on right now energetically
+ how Heather and I got our daughter’s names through dreams
+ why Heather is drawn to Hawaii
+ bringing up children close to Spirit
+ children and crystals
+ what Ivy does with amethyst
+ a birthday manifestation ritual that Heather recommends


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