Heather Askinosie on Connecting to Yourself, Each Other & the Crystal World

Heather Askinosie on Connecting to Yourself, Each Other & the Crystal World

episode 14


I am so excited about this episode!

This conversation was surrounded by magic. Although Heather and I recorded it on Skype because she’s in Southern California and I’m in Canada, when we were speaking I felt like I had known her for years. We connected so beautifully and I’m so excited for you to learn from her. AND DON’T WORRY, if crystals aren’t your jam…that’s okay. Up until a couple of weeks ago, they weren’t mine either!

Heather touches on so much more beyond the crystal world in this episode.
She’s a leading influencer on the power of crystals. She’s a teacher, she’s an author, a business owner, a friend, a wife, a mother and an all around beautiful human. For over 26 years, she has been studying the scientific and spiritual aspects of energy. She has had the privilege of studying with the best healers from all over the world, who have passed down ancient teachings on how to utilize energy technology in the upcoming millennium. Heather is a seeker of truth, working to extract as much information as possible, to translate it into simple tools that can be used in everyday life. These tools empower and educate individuals on how to use them to attract everything you want in life.

In 2000, Heather co-founded Energy Muse Jewelry with business partner, Timmi Jandro. Energy Muse is a conscious lifestyle brand, providing tools of empowerment, inspiration and hope in the tangible form of jewelry.

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in this episode we discuss...

+ how Heather found the crystal world and why she decided to start working with them
+ her experience as an 'energy dealer' at Hollywood parties
+ “me consciousness” vs. uniting together with collective consciousness
+ Heather’s book, "Crystal Muse: Everyday Rituals to Tune Into the Real You"
+ how crystals can help connect you to yourself
+ a tip to boost your prosperity
+ what it means to ‘cleanse’ a crystal
+ the power of the full moon
+ how crystals can help with manifestation and intention setting
+ judgement and food

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