Danielle Paige on Tracking Your Soul with Astrology (pt. 2)

episode 69


The first time Danielle Paige was on the show we had such a great time chatting that I invited her back for a second episode to answer your questions about astrology. That episode has gone on to becoming one of the most popular episodes on the show! I have received many questions from you and chose a few for her to answer in this very special sequel episode. Enjoy!


“We’re really all star seeds. We’re not from here.”


In This Episode We Discuss…

+ the moon and our emotions
+ Saturn Return and timing 
+ starseed markings in birth charts
+ Venus Retrograde
+ interpreting dreams
+ how Danielle’s intuitive gifts have supported her journey
+ business and astrology
+ what Danielle is manifesting now
+ what each zodiac sign means
+ what the ‘rising sign’ means


“Once you open up and you start seeing the world beyond the 3D, you can’t go back.”


“Astrology is basically tracking your soul, but with that you have free will.”