Danielle Paige on Eclipses, Retrogrades, Saturn Return and Listening to Your Soul

episode 56


Last week we reached 100,000 downloads! Thank you so much for always tuning in and supporting the show, it means the world to me! To celebrate this milestone, I re-worked the description of the show because I feel as though it's evolved over the past few months (and I love the direction it's taking!) 

"Manifest This! takes the "woo" out of "woo woo" and grounds modern spirituality in the real world. Every Monday, host Ashley Wood chats with women who are living with intention and shares their story, gifts and lessons in spirituality. They discuss modern spirituality, wellness, conscious entrepreneurship, the Law of Attraction and Ashley’s personal practice — the Akashic Records."

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I've been looking forward to interviewing today's guest, Danielle Paige, for a long time - before I even invited her on the show. And it's perfectly timed because we came out of the final eclipse of the summer this past weekend and now we can learn about WHAT was going on with all of us for the past month and a half. I admire Danielle so much because I find her approach to astrology so refreshing, so grounding, so relatable and so REAL. And that’s exactly what we need in this metaphysical world, relatable and REAL leaders, teachers and healers that make all of this normal and practical. 

Danielle has been practicing astrology for lifetimes and in this lifetime, found her way back to it over a decade ago. Since then she's been practicing intuitive astrology in her own unique way for people all over the world. She's the creator of SOULcial Media Circle, a virtual circle that she leads during the full moon to help you come back into alignment and feel more grounded and connected to your purpose. When she's not reading charts, leading retreats/workshops around the world or writing you can find her volunteering at her local animal shelter, practicing yoga, hiking, exploring, traveling, meditating, reading, learning Spanish, salsa dancing, and spending quality time with her friends and family.

I love this conversation so much, I know you're going to receive a lot of value in it AND there's a surprise at the end that I'm excited for you to hear!


“Eclipses are game-changers for your soul” 


In this Episode We Discuss...

+ the energy we’ve been experiencing this summer
+ what is an eclipse and how does it affect us?
+ what does ‘retrograde’ mean and how it affects us here on Earth
+ should we fear Mercury Retrograde?
+ what is a Saturn Return?
+ why I can’t work a conventional 9-5 job
+ the benefits of reading a child’s birth chart
+ questions I have about my own chart and what Spirit tells Danielle about my future
+ how astrology chose Danielle and how she found herself doing this work
+ what the Akashic Records told Danielle about her past (fascinating) 
+ what are North Nodes and South Nodes? 
+ a surprise that we need your help with!


"There’s a rhythm, there’s a pull and there’s a dance and we are energetic beings so we feel it.”