Connie Kaplan on Dreaming as a Spiritual Practice

episode 63


Today we’re talking all about DREAMING – a topic that’s been highly requested to discuss on the show and I waited to approach it until I found the right person to do so with. Connie Kaplan is that person.

Connie Kaplan is a spiritual mentor who lives in Southern California. In late 1986 she was suddenly struck with a mysterious virus which rendered her almost helpless for two years.  During this time, unable to work and incapable of handling normal life circumstances, she experienced a profound spiritual transformation which altered not only her inner experience of life, but her outer expression of life.  As she puts it, ‘while she slept her life away, she dreamed herself awake.’

Since she returned to the “normal” world in the early 90s, Connie has devoted her life to sharing what she learned during this mystical awakening.She teaches dreaming as a spiritual practice and a unique form of theology, which centres around an understanding of each person’s life purpose.


“A lot of times, your dreams are not about you.”


In This Episode We Discuss…

+ dreaming according the lunar circumstances
+ how dreaming actually works
+ the kinds of dreams we have
+ how the woman’s womb is the dreaming organ
+ dreaming and our menstrual cycle
+ dreams and manifesting
+ dream circles


“The dream is the birth place of new life.”