Dr. Catherine Birndorf on Perinatal Mood & Anxiety Disorders and How to Get Better

episode 33


Today is the first day of Maternal Mental Health week and as many of you may know, I’m a survivor of postpartum anxiety and postpartum depression. So from the moment I started planning my editorial calendar back in December, I knew I wanted to do something special for this week, to honour ALL mothers.

The moment I heard Dr. Catherine Birndorf speak on the goop podcast, I knew I had to have her on my show. I emailed her immediately and thankfully, she agreed to come on.

Catherine is passionate about postpartum mental health, anxiety especially, and provides SO much information and feedback and inspiration in this episode and I believe that this is important for EVERYONE to hear – whether you’re a mother or not. Because even if you’re not a mother, maybe your sister is or your friend is or your partner is. In any case, collectively, we need to step up and be there for new mothers.



+ what the Motherhood Center is
+ what a normal postpartum adjustment looks like
+ when the symptoms of postpartum anxiety and depression begin
+ what PMAD stands for
+ my personal experience of postpartum anxiety and what it looked like for me
+ perinatal anxiety
+ how to know when you require treatment
+ what it means to be a ‘sleeper mom’
+ medication
+ how to get help if you’re experiencing postpartum depression or postpartum anxiety symptoms