Bridget Nielsen on Earth Chakras, Vortices and Accessing the Ethereal Plane

episode 55


Two days ago I did an Akashic Records reading for a woman who said that she knows her soul belongs in Phoenix. She wants to be there but she’s afraid to move but she knows she needs to be there.

The Masters, Teachers and Loved Ones told her that when we go to the places we feel the most realized, the most LOVED, the most aware and the most ON FIRE, everything in our life aligns. For when we are working and speaking and LIVING from a place of love and the place that we are in lights us up with LOVE and makes us so, so, so happy that the ground beneath our feet and the sky above our head are both literally shooting energy into our body, lighting us up…this is when we can truly be ourselves. Connect to our highest selves. Align with our purpose, our intentions, our passions…

And that’s what we talk about in this episode with Bridget Nielsen.  She has to physically LIVE in the places on earth that light her up, the Earth’s chakras and vortices, the power points of our planet.

Bridget is one of the most interesting women I’ve chatted with on this show. I got into a hole watching her youtube videos earlier today. She says that her life theme (in this current life)  is to “bridge life” between her Earth/human lives and her fully awakened galactic and inter-dimensional counterparts. She’s an intuitive, an artist, international speaker, author, blogger, YouTuber, a clairvoyant medium and there are so many things we could’ve talked about in this conversation, but I invited her on the show to specifically speak about the Earth Chakras and vortices – because not only has she traveled to almost all of them, but she’s also lived in many of them! In our conversation we discuss what the Earth Chakras and Vortices are and where they are, we discuss why they’re important and what they can be used for, we talk about time, earth’s dimensional gateways, the 5th dimensional world, aliens, the dream world…we talk about a lot.

And if you haven’t already traveled to Sedona Arizona, where Bridget currently lives, after hearing this episode I’m pretty sure you’ll want to.


“Whatever you have that’s out of alignment or whatever you’re calling in to be more of, these places grant the vibrational access to that within your own life and body and energy system.”


In this episode we discuss...

+ what are Earth Chakras and Earth Vortices?
+ where are they and what happens in these places?
+ Earth’s dimensional gateways
+ why Bridget has to live in these places
+ the 5th Dimensional World
+ Extraterrestrial contact
+ dreams and memories
+ how to remain grounded in these high energy places


“You can be in these places and they can lead to certain access but the access is always there within your own vessel.”