The Intuition & the Higher Self

episode 13


Today we're talking all about the intuition, why we should listen to it, what it sounds like, how we can (but shouldn't) ignore it and I share a little story about how I found my way back to my Higher Self after I gave birth to Ivy (and had my fair share of postpartum anxiety.)

in this episode we discuss...

+ what exactly IS the intuition
+ how your Higher Self can communicate to you
+ my pregnancy
+ how I lost my connection with my intuition and Higher Self after Ivy was born
+ how I found my way back to my intuition and Higher Self
+ how you can hone in on listening to your intuition and Higher Self to live a happier life


show notes

The Kind Mama by Alicia Silverstone
Kimberly Snyder on Plant-Based Pregnancy Nutrition
My Birth Story
ep. 12: Lauren Toyota on Manifesting Your Reality & Feeding Your Face