11/11: Channeled Message from Spirit

episode 71


Today is 11/11, Remembrance Day in Canada, marking 100 years since the end of World War One. The numerology of tomorrow (1111) also opens a sacred portal, Ascension Gateway, that raises our consciousness and connects us to the Universe on a deep level. It represents oneness and peace. It also represents the true reunion of the divine masculine energy and the divine feminine energy. Coincidence that this was the day a world war ended? I think not.

In this episode I share a channeled message from Spirit that we need to hold close to our hearts from now until January 1, 2019.


“The Masters, Teachers and Loved Ones and my Guides shared that the important message to bring to your awareness is that from this point, Nov 11 (11/11) until Jan 1 (01/01) is…”