Eating for Alignment

episode 4

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Hi friends! I'm back today with another solo episode and this time I'm talking about my health journey. Since we're still at the beginning of this show and I'm introducing myself to so many of you, I want to share a bit about myself so that you understand my backstory and know why I'm choosing to share the stories (and women) that I am on this show. 
Today I'm going to be talking about how I found veganism and I'm breaking the episode up into three parts:

Sri Lanka: Big Mountain, Big Changes
The Fire
Plant-Based Pregnancy
Eating for Alignment

I hope my story inspires you to eat more plants! 

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+ Why I credit my diet and the choices I've made around food for the lifestyle that I'm living now

+ How my trip to Sri Lanka became the catalyst for a new direction in my life

+ How being injured in a house fire changed my trajectory forever

+ How I ate during my plant-based pregnancy

+ My thoughts on eating as an energy exchange

+ My thoughts on Eating for Alignment

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