Channeling LIVE from the Akashic Records - BONUS EPISODE

episode 54


It's been two months since I launched my Akashic Records Reading and Healing Session practice and my life has completely transformed. The transformations feel so subtle because I am living in such alignment with my true self, but are actually so significant - from my goals to my bank account to the direction of my business to the way I now live my life. To celebrate this milestone, I am dedicating this bonus episode to everyone who listens to this podcast. For it is this podcast that introduced me to the Akashic Records and this podcast that has changed the trajectory of my life forever. So this is for you, my dear listeners. Enjoy!


"This is a healing, an energetic transmission at the root state of consciousness."


In This Episode I Discuss...

+ how my Akashic Record reading process has evolved and changed over the past two months
+ why I now call my readings Healing Sessions
+ practical life lessons that I have learned from the Records
+ a personal story about a lesson I learned from my own Records this past weekend
+ future offerings I have coming up
+ a LIVE Akashic Records channeling for the Manifest This! listeners

Show Notes

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