Overcoming Your Fear of the Spirit World

episode 37


Let's talk about the fear around spirituality, spirit guides, spirituality, space, time travel, aliens, all of it. At my Manifest This! Live! event, a woman came up to me and said "I love this stuff, I'm so attracted to all of this, I want to learn more about spirituality and wellness and my guides and my higher self and intuition, but I am so scared." She's not the first person to have told me this. I receive messages from quite a few women who share the same thing - that they're interested in these ideas so much but they're afraid to sit in stillness with themselves because they're afraid to hear messages from their guides.

I used to be afraid too and today I'm sharing how I worked through my fears and overcame them. 


+ stories from my past when I was afraid of Spirit and channeling
+ why I actively turned my communication with Spirit off in the past
+ how I overcame my own fears on spirits, angels, guides, aliens, space, infinity and death
+ my explanation of "the big picture" 
+ ideas that I hope will help you overcome your fears as well