Intuitive Parenting

episode 35


To conclude Maternal Mental Health Week, I want to offer my perspective on parenting from your heart. Listening to your intuition and shutting out all of the outside noise that makes parents doubt themselves. 

When I first had Ivy, I shared so much about how I was doing things and what I was doing (in raising her) online. I showed moments of our day to day together, I shared the book I was reading, the blogs I was reading, and how I was handling issues like sleep.

After a while I stopped doing this though because I realized that in doing so, I was actually doing a disservice to women. By sharing what I was doing, I was preventing women from tapping into their own intuition, listening to themselves and responding to their individual baby's needs. 

So this episode is for you, mothers. To remind you that you DO have everything you need to take care of your baby. 

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+ why I don't share as much about motherhood on social media anymore
+ why I used to be obsessed with the book "Bringing Up Bebe" and why I'm not anymore
+ why raising children is a spiritual experience
+ examples of how I've listened to my own intuition 



Bringing Up Bebe
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