Manifesting Your Birth Experience

episode 34


I did something a little different today – my friend Lauren joined me to have a conversation. This isn’t an interview, it’s a discussion between two mothers in the evening, over Skype (even though we live in the same city), while our children were in bed, and we’re talking today about taking your power back as a woman. About believing in your body and the beautiful ability to give birth!

We both feel that in media, on television shows, movies, everything, birth is always depicted as this HORRIBLE experience where women are screaming and swearing and going absolutely crazy and that it’s so so so painful that there’s no way women can push a baby out without drugs or without some kind of medical intervention.

If you choose to have a medical intervention at your birth, if you choose an epidural or you choose a c-section or after you’ve been in labour for hours, things aren’t going to plan and you’re involved in the next steps, amazing - this conversation is about using your voice. Being involved in this process. Trusting your body, tuning into your intuition, being the driving voice behind your birth experience.

One of the books I mention in the episode and I’ve mentioned it before is Alicia Silverstone’s book The Kind Mama. In the book Alicia shares her birth story. She wanted to have a home birth and she started off that way. But after hours and hours she ended up having to go to the hospital for some help. But her story isn’t one of failure. She DELIVERED HER BABY. And she was in charge of her decisions from the moment she became pregnant until the moment she brought her baby into the world.

This conversation is inclusive, it’s meant to empower, inspire and to remind you that you CAN do this. That birth can be a beautiful experience. That it can be peaceful, that it can be blissful and magical and that you CAN do this.



+ our birth stories
+ how we manifested our birth experiences
+ why we believe in birth plans
+ tuning into your intuition and believing in your body
+ empowerment from birth
+ why we decided to do this episode in the first place