A Line Within (Q&A) with Ashley & Ben Wood

A Line Within (Q&A) with Ashley & Ben Wood

episode 127


Introducing, A Line Within, our new company! Our website is new, our workshops are new and in today’s episode I brought on Ben, my husband and business partner, celebrate the birth of A Line Within! We also answer many of your questions about our work, our relationship and some personal questions about Ben.


“It actually changes your energetic frequency that opens you up to different information and that guidance that is running through you all the time.” 


In This Episode We Discuss…

  • A Line Within - our NEW company name!

  • the big giveaway on our IG @alnwithin this week

  • the Line has been coming through my channeling since I started working with the Records

  • why we re-branded and re-named this company

  • why we don’t see this work as ‘spiritual’

  • Line Activations to connect to the highest realm where the Akashic Records exist

  • how we don’t argue, how we communicate and how we work together

  • our lack of alone time and how we deal with it

  • the current and future plans of Lot 49, our vegan food company

  • how the A Line Within team will grow

  • challenges we have working together

  • how we find balance by working ALL the time

  • Ben’s unique take on self-care

  • respecting the independence of your partner

  • that we believe the notions of ‘guru’ and ’spiritual teacher’ to be outdated

  • finding your own authentic expression

    Questions Answered:

    Why did we decide to change the name of our business, the focus, etc.?
    What books / media have you been consuming to better understand the Akashic Records & physics etc.
    Does Ben go into the Records?
    Do we argue?
    How has Ben expanded this year?
    Challenges of working with spouse - how to balance?
    Is LOT 49 still happening?
    How does the creative collaboration work between us?
    Do we talk about work when spending time together?
    What is Ben’s self-care routine?
    Have you always been able to follow Ashley’s spiritual/personal pivots?
    Tips for people who aren’t naturally tapped in - “Muggles”


“Going into the Akashic Records is like using dial up internet and using the Line Activation is like high speed internet.” 


Show Notes

A Line Within
@alnwithin on IG GIVEAWAY
Clear the Line Workshops
Clear the Line: Gain Clarity
Clear the Line: Love
Clear the Line: Money
Clear the Line: Release Fear
The Order of Time by Carlo Rovelli
Reality Is Not What It Seems: The Journey to Quantum Gravity by Carlo Rovelli
Sophie Kinsella

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