Amelia Barnes on Light After Loss and Healing the Planet One Garment at a Time

episode 41


Each and every week I have the honour of sitting down with an extraordinary woman who is creating and living the life that she wants to live to talk about manifestation, spirituality, wellness, entrepreneurship, motherhood and more all with the intention of inspiring you to connect to your highest self so that you can manifest magic in your life! And today I’m talking to Amelia Barnes.

You may recognize her from her yoga videos on oneOeight or from her popular Instagram account @ameliayoga or perhaps you own one or many pieces from her eco-friendly clothing line, Prana Vida.

I started following Amelia back in 2014 when she was publicly sharing her grieving process after losing her son Landon on Instagram. Landon only lived for four days but touched the lives of hundreds of thousands of people around the world and continues to do so today. We’ll talk more about him and the work Amelia did to process her grief as well as what she’s up to now, as a mom to her daughter Lily, a business owner, why she cares about making her clothing eco-friendly and what that even means and also about her new vegan and zero waste lifestyle.



+ Amelia’s son Landon
+ how Amelia used writing and sharing to process and overcome her grief
+ how the power of social media can help us heal
+ ICP signs and symptoms
+ Amelia’s business Prana Vida
+ the new materials she's using in her summer collection and why
+ Amelia’s new lifestyle as a zero waste vegan
+ grocery shopping as a zero waste vegan
+ raising vegan children