Alexandra Roxo on the Feminine Divine and Women Rising Together

episode 17


Happy International Women's Day! Rather than share a solo episode with you today, I am sharing this space with Alexandra Roxo – the most incredible woman to celebrate ALL OF YOU, this day and this beautiful community we’re creating together.

Alexandra has been called to help women find their voices, heal their sexuality, and come home to themselves for as long as she can remember. Her writings on these topics for The Numinous, Mind Body Green, Vice, Well + Good, Girl Boss, i-D Mag and more have been read by thousands of people. Her film work, along the same topics, have been viewed by millions of people and featured in international press. Her spiritual studies have been widespread and she's interviewed women in strip clubs in New Mexico, truck stops, lived on the street with train hopping girls filming them, traveled to Cuba, gone undercover in brothels in New York, and more. All with one mission in mind --- to understand the modern woman and female sexuality.

She is emerging in the space of sexuality and sexual healing and empowerment as a modern day thought leader and change maker.

She truly is incredible and I’m so honoured to share our conversation with you today. By sharing our conversation, it’s my intention to help you connect to you to your highest and most beautiful self so you too can manifest THIS magic in your life. 



+ Alexandra’s incredible life and the experiences she's had
+ the Feminine Divine
+ Moon Club & moon rituals
+ the power of a gathering of people with a focused intention
+ shamanism
+ the work Alexandra does when coaching and supporting women
+ getting in the flow