Alexandra Dawson on Reclaiming Health and Living Life to the Fullest

episode 10

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Alexandra Dawson - nutritionist, writer and photographer for the website, In My Bowl and the Instagram account @tallulahalexandra is making her podcasting debut on Good People today! I'm so honoured and excited to have her here today!

Alexandra's extremely talented! Her work has been featured on Free People, Glamour, Huffington Post, InStyle, Elle, Goop, The Body Book, The Chalkboard Magazine, Yahoo Style, Thrive Magazine, The Washington Post, Seventeen Magazine, MindBodyGreen, Well & Good and so many more places...and I love this woman. She's elegant, intelligent and so very kind.

In this conversation we discuss her beginnings, who inspired her to start sharing her nutritional knowledge and recipes online and then we go deep into IBS, what that means, the Low FODMAP Diet, what that means and why she's eating that way right now. 

We talk about body image, motherhood, how to LIVE LIFE to the fullest and how Alexandra re-claims parenthood, her relationship with her husband and how she lives life so well! We cover a lot and I really, really enjoyed this conversation and I know you will, too!

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+ Alexandra's beginnings

+ How and why she started writing In My Bowl

+ What Low FODMAP means and why she's eating this way

+ How Alexandra LIVES WELL

+ Her Tour de Mont Blanc hike with her husband and her BABY (so brave!)

+ How motherhood has influenced her work and helped her grow

+ What the "f-word" is in her house (it's not what you'll expect)

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