Lalah Delia on Vibrating Higher Daily

episode 76


This episode is truly special and left me on a high afterwards for a few hours, literally buzzing with high vibes and love. Lalah’s calm spirit and gentle words are soothing to take in and her message is supportive, kind and inspiring. But it’s not until the end of the conversation that you learn why I was buzzing with excitement through the episode and what kind of psychic downloads I was receiving while Lalah was talking. She shares a big announcement that was Divinely timed to happen right here on this episode and I’m so honoured to share it with you!


“The rock bottom brought me to the high vibrational path.”


In This Episode We Discuss…

+ what rock bottom looked like for Lalah and why she decided to change her life
+ how she found faith and trust during her healing process
+ Lalah’s connection to her elders and how her Grandmother still protects her
+ the moment she realized growth and tests she received from the Universe 
+ how the food was a portal for Lalah’s healing process
+ how she started sharing her writing and the moment her audience built
+ how Lalah channels and allows Spirit to work through her and her writing
+ what she is writing about now
+ how Lalah celebrated the new moon 
+ Mercury Retrograde and contracts
+ Lalah’s self-care 
+ HUGE announcement from Lalah!


“Follow your gifts. They don’t come from you, they come through you to go out into the world.”


Jena Sophia on Transforming Your Subconscious Through PSYCH-K

episode 75


I’m so excited for Jena Sophia to be making her podcast debut today on Manifest This! Especially because I know this is a topic that you’re going to enjoy and possibly even want to experience yourself. Jena is an advanced Psych-k facilitator, a Reiki Master and an intuitive of flower essences and truly a beautiful soul. Enjoy this episode!


“Only until we remove those energetic cords of discomfort, disagreement and get to a place of neutrality, that is how we’re going to change the world.” 


In This Episode We Discuss…

+ what is PSYCH-K and how does it work?
+ how Jena found it and why she is now a facilitator 
+ our thoughts, our energies and our beliefs from our subconscious 
+ how our beliefs are connected to illness
+ unbecoming subconscious conditioning through PSYCH-K
+ Jena’s Muslim upbringing and how it led to PSYCH-K
+ Jena’s spiritual practice 
+ the power in controlling reactions 
+  a lens of empowerment rather than the lens of a victim


“We are all worthy, no matter what. Once we realize that worthiness, we are able to create and see life through a lens of empowerment rather than the lens of a victim.”


A Tip on Manifesting Abundance

episode 74


After another week of interviews falling through, I’m joining you today with a solo episode. At first I thought my bookings weren’t working out because of Mercury Retrograde but now I know it’s because the Universe is testing me on my self-worth. And so I’m accepting this test with gratitude and flowing with it. Today I’m answering two questions that I receive on a weekly basis, I hope you enjoy it!


“Energy does not have labels.”


In This Episode I Discuss…

+ why I’m putting out another solo episode this week
+ the difference between intuition and anxiety
+ guidance on calling in abundance


“It’s a feeling and a message that is rooted and grounded in love.”


Why "Luck" is Holding You Back

episode 73


After a series of nudges from the Universe and more 111 signs that I could ignore, today’s episode is a solo episode instead of the interview I originally had planned with Dara Dubinet. She will be on in early 2019 and today I’m sharing WHY the idea around “luck” lowers self-worth and blocks successful manifestation. Excited to hear your thoughts on this one!


In This Episode I Discuss…

+ why today is a solo show instead of the interview that was planned
+ why I believe ‘luck’ is problematic for self-worth and manifestation
+ why I believe using the word ‘lucky’ directed to children is damaging
+ what I’ve learned from “Akashic Shower Sessions”


“Nothing in your life is by chance. Nothing is a coincidence.”


Kate Van Horn on Intuitive Practices and Chakra Alignment

episode 72


I didn’t really know anything about Kate before I reached out to her to have this interview. Quite a few Manifest This! listeners asked to hear from her and I’m so glad they did because Kate is such a light. From the moment we connected over email I felt an instant connect, as though I had known her forever. She’s an old, wise soul and is making ripple effect changes across the wellness world. Enjoy this beautiful conversation and remember to rate, review and subscribe to Manifest This! on iTunes.


“I have used my history and my story to foster community in the ways that I can and to promote intuitive practices to tap into your soul purpose.”


In This Episode We Discuss…

+ Kate’s intuitive decision to leave her home and uproot her life
+ Kate’s recovery from anorexia, depression and anxiety
+ how Kate reconnected to her intuition and how she receives  
+ children and intuition
+ intuitive eating - what it means and how to do it
+ checking in with chakras through meditation
+ games to strengthen your intuition 
+ future plans for The GOOD Fest
+ “the clearing” yoga


“I was blown away to live within the present moment, because that felt like pure relief.” 


“We can’t ‘should’ on ourselves.”

11/11: Channeled Message from Spirit

episode 71


Today is 11/11, Remembrance Day in Canada, marking 100 years since the end of World War One. The numerology of tomorrow (1111) also opens a sacred portal, Ascension Gateway, that raises our consciousness and connects us to the Universe on a deep level. It represents oneness and peace. It also represents the true reunion of the divine masculine energy and the divine feminine energy. Coincidence that this was the day a world war ended? I think not.

In this episode I share a channeled message from Spirit that we need to hold close to our hearts from now until January 1, 2019.


“The Masters, Teachers and Loved Ones and my Guides shared that the important message to bring to your awareness is that from this point, Nov 11 (11/11) until Jan 1 (01/01) is…”

Lauren Toyota on Life in the Vortex & Playing the Manifest Game

episode 70


Oooh this is a good one!

Lauren Toyota is back for a second episode on Manifest This! and sharing thoughts, announcements and revelations that she’s never talked about before.

Lauren and I have a soul-level connection. We’ve never met in real life but are confident that we knew each other in past lives because every time we talk, we connect so deeply. We have a special kind of chemistry where we just understand each other and we’re so comfortable with one another. This conversation is one of my favourites so far.


“When we’re too attached, we’re holding it away from us.”



+ life after her cookbook, “101 Recipes to Feed Your Face”
+ limits in manifestation? 
+ how Lauren’s alignment and spirituality grew during the hot for food cookbook tour
+ life in the vortex
+ energy and the internet
+ how manifestation works
+ Lauren’s next books (announcement!)
+ getting out of your own way
+ Lauren’s split with John, how she’s made peace with it, her anger and what she did to move on
+ a teaching from the Akashic Records on healing


“There’s a difference when you do things when you’re trying and there’s a difference when you do things when they’re meant to flow through you.”


Danielle Paige on Tracking Your Soul with Astrology (pt. 2)

episode 69


The first time Danielle Paige was on the show we had such a great time chatting that I invited her back for a second episode to answer your questions about astrology. That episode has gone on to becoming one of the most popular episodes on the show! I have received many questions from you and chose a few for her to answer in this very special sequel episode. Enjoy!


“We’re really all star seeds. We’re not from here.”


In This Episode We Discuss…

+ the moon and our emotions
+ Saturn Return and timing 
+ starseed markings in birth charts
+ Venus Retrograde
+ interpreting dreams
+ how Danielle’s intuitive gifts have supported her journey
+ business and astrology
+ what Danielle is manifesting now
+ what each zodiac sign means
+ what the ‘rising sign’ means


“Once you open up and you start seeing the world beyond the 3D, you can’t go back.”


“Astrology is basically tracking your soul, but with that you have free will.”

Vanessa Kunderman on Decoding Your Personal Story to Be Who You Actually Are

episode 68


Vanessa is really interesting. I’m drawn to her. She has this energy about her that’s really commanding – captivating. She can hold your attention and bring you in and have you believe everything she’s saying. Which is probably why she’s one of my favourite readers.

She talks about her crystal readings in this episode and if you’ve been fortunate enough to have one with her, you know what I’m talking about. She’s magic. And she doesn’t know that, she says she doesn’t do anything but as a reader myself I can understand that, she doesn’t do anything, the guides and the client do, but she INTERPRETS the energy she receives in a really beautiful, eloquent and HELPFUL way.

We talk about WHY we choose these words about ourselves to describe ourselves and how supportive OR unsupportive a bio really can be so I’m going to read directly from her site to introduce her:

Vanessa says: “I’d say I’m passionate. I love motivating others. I get bored quickly. I often vouch for the underdog, or at least another perspective. I’m curious. Inquisitive. Hardworking. I also happen to express these things through writing, designing, teaching, and my journey through motherhood and being a cancer survivor. I'm VanessaLibra/Aries. Manifestor in Human Design. Millennial. Storyteller.”


“That’s what I think is so beneficial about astrology - is it just gives you permission to be who you are.”



+ how Vanessa found her path in the mystical world
+ crystals and how she received guidance from her guides on how to conduct her crystal readings 
+ Vanessa’s interest in astrology and how she writes her moon reports
+ how astrology can support us in living as our authentic self 
+ how society has gone off path
+ what Vanessa means by ‘Narrative Healing’
+ Human Design 
+ Q&A: manifesting with crystals, how to manage spirituality in a conventional family, spirituality and religion, connecting to your intuition 


“We’re so focused on ‘the path’ when we should be focused on the person walking the path.”


Thank you to our partners at Shakti, Pocca Poca Spa and Float.Calm for sponsoring this event.

Krista Williams & Lindsey Simcik on Sharing with Intention to Create a Community

episode 67


The Queens of Podcasting are on Manifest This! today and they’re sharing everything from spilling it all to the masses to intentionally sharing to their spiritual journey to their dream Almost 30 guests.

Krista Williams is a social media influencer and creator/editor of the blog, The Hundred Blog. Hundred stands for keep it one hundred (her life motto). She has been featured in Women's Health, Self Magazine, Refinery29 and various other outlets. She partners closely to share her honest perspective with cutting edge thoughtful brands, like Airbnb, Adidas, Free People and Starwood Hotel Group to name a few.

Lindsey Simcik is a creator, an actor, a writer and a Senior Soul Cycle instructor. She is re-defining success by the day and using her hustle to make waves in and out of her main offices in Santa Monica. Beyond the daily life of being a co-founder and host of their iTunes top rated podcast, she shines regularly as a print and fit model for brands such as Asics, Elie Tahari, and Carbon38, and as various characters, like “Alicia”, a quirky Australian blogger, on her YouTube channel.  Lindsey was also recently caught playing a spin instructor on a hit ABC Network show.

Almost 30 is making a global impact with over 4 million downloads in 2 years and has been called 'Your Virtual Best Friends' by Coveteur. Almost 30 is a global community with fans in over 150 countries with hosted events all over the world and is quickly becoming more than just a podcast, it is a thriving community and movement.


“If you show up in a really authentic and vulnerable way, people will respond.”


In this episode we discuss…

+ being in the feminine and the masculine and what this means to Krista and Lindsey
+ sharing your truth as a method of healing
+ how the success of Almost 30 has impacted the way they see themselves
+ how Almost 30 has influenced their spiritual journey 
+ Krista and Lindsey’s dream Almost 30 guests
+ what Krista and Lindsey are most proud of in this moment


“You would be robbing the world of your talent and your ideas and your gifts if you didn’t take steps forward to make it happen.”