Paula Mallis on Conscious Conception, Infertility and Inner Healing

episode 57


Today's guest, Paula Mallis, is a Doula, Spiritual Counselor, Facilitator of women circles and Founder of WMN SPACE. She believes “birth” can manifest in many forms for women and that as women, we have the opportunity to birth babies, projects, new versions of ourselves and all that we are called to bring into the world. Supporting women on their own unique journey in life is my deepest passion.

In her practice, she blends together her experience as a mother, her expertise as a Doula, a Facilitator and her extensive training in Spiritual Psychology.

This is a very beautiful, encouraging episode and I’m so honoured to share it with you.


"I know why I’m here and my purpose and the work that I do with women, that I was really going through all of this so I could be of better service to women who are going through a similar journey as well.”


In This Episode We Discuss...

+ the shift in consciousness Paula experienced during her pregnancy
+ energetic, emotional and spiritual work for infertility
+ conscious conception
+ Paula’s three year long journey with infertility
+ how Paula carried her intention near her
+ how “birth” can manifest in many forms for women
+ continuing to move the consciousness forward collectively
+ why Paula opened WMN SPACE and programs offered there
+ what is Spiritual Psychology?
+ why Paula wears all white


“I feel so honoured to be a woman in this lifetime."


Danielle Paige on Eclipses, Retrogrades, Saturn Return and Listening to Your Soul

episode 56


Last week we reached 100,000 downloads! Thank you so much for always tuning in and supporting the show, it means the world to me! To celebrate this milestone, I re-worked the description of the show because I feel as though it's evolved over the past few months (and I love the direction it's taking!) 

"Manifest This! takes the "woo" out of "woo woo" and grounds modern spirituality in the real world. Every Monday, host Ashley Wood chats with women who are living with intention and shares their story, gifts and lessons in spirituality. They discuss modern spirituality, wellness, conscious entrepreneurship, the Law of Attraction and Ashley’s personal practice — the Akashic Records."

What do you think? Please let me know your thoughts in our Facebook Soul Sister's group!

I've been looking forward to interviewing today's guest, Danielle Paige, for a long time - before I even invited her on the show. And it's perfectly timed because we came out of the final eclipse of the summer this past weekend and now we can learn about WHAT was going on with all of us for the past month and a half. I admire Danielle so much because I find her approach to astrology so refreshing, so grounding, so relatable and so REAL. And that’s exactly what we need in this metaphysical world, relatable and REAL leaders, teachers and healers that make all of this normal and practical. 

Danielle has been practicing astrology for lifetimes and in this lifetime, found her way back to it over a decade ago. Since then she's been practicing intuitive astrology in her own unique way for people all over the world. She's the creator of SOULcial Media Circle, a virtual circle that she leads during the full moon to help you come back into alignment and feel more grounded and connected to your purpose. When she's not reading charts, leading retreats/workshops around the world or writing you can find her volunteering at her local animal shelter, practicing yoga, hiking, exploring, traveling, meditating, reading, learning Spanish, salsa dancing, and spending quality time with her friends and family.

I love this conversation so much, I know you're going to receive a lot of value in it AND there's a surprise at the end that I'm excited for you to hear!


“Eclipses are game-changers for your soul” 


In this Episode We Discuss...

+ the energy we’ve been experiencing this summer
+ what is an eclipse and how does it affect us?
+ what does ‘retrograde’ mean and how it affects us here on Earth
+ should we fear Mercury Retrograde?
+ what is a Saturn Return?
+ why I can’t work a conventional 9-5 job
+ the benefits of reading a child’s birth chart
+ questions I have about my own chart and what Spirit tells Danielle about my future
+ how astrology chose Danielle and how she found herself doing this work
+ what the Akashic Records told Danielle about her past (fascinating) 
+ what are North Nodes and South Nodes? 
+ a surprise that we need your help with!


"There’s a rhythm, there’s a pull and there’s a dance and we are energetic beings so we feel it.”


Bridget Nielsen on Earth Chakras, Vortices and Accessing the Ethereal Plane

episode 55


Two days ago I did an Akashic Records reading for a woman who said that she knows her soul belongs in Phoenix. She wants to be there but she’s afraid to move but she knows she needs to be there.

The Masters, Teachers and Loved Ones told her that when we go to the places we feel the most realized, the most LOVED, the most aware and the most ON FIRE, everything in our life aligns. For when we are working and speaking and LIVING from a place of love and the place that we are in lights us up with LOVE and makes us so, so, so happy that the ground beneath our feet and the sky above our head are both literally shooting energy into our body, lighting us up…this is when we can truly be ourselves. Connect to our highest selves. Align with our purpose, our intentions, our passions…

And that’s what we talk about in this episode with Bridget Nielsen.  She has to physically LIVE in the places on earth that light her up, the Earth’s chakras and vortices, the power points of our planet.

Bridget is one of the most interesting women I’ve chatted with on this show. I got into a hole watching her youtube videos earlier today. She says that her life theme (in this current life)  is to “bridge life” between her Earth/human lives and her fully awakened galactic and inter-dimensional counterparts. She’s an intuitive, an artist, international speaker, author, blogger, YouTuber, a clairvoyant medium and there are so many things we could’ve talked about in this conversation, but I invited her on the show to specifically speak about the Earth Chakras and vortices – because not only has she traveled to almost all of them, but she’s also lived in many of them! In our conversation we discuss what the Earth Chakras and Vortices are and where they are, we discuss why they’re important and what they can be used for, we talk about time, earth’s dimensional gateways, the 5th dimensional world, aliens, the dream world…we talk about a lot.

And if you haven’t already traveled to Sedona Arizona, where Bridget currently lives, after hearing this episode I’m pretty sure you’ll want to.


“Whatever you have that’s out of alignment or whatever you’re calling in to be more of, these places grant the vibrational access to that within your own life and body and energy system.”


In this episode we discuss...

+ what are Earth Chakras and Earth Vortices?
+ where are they and what happens in these places?
+ Earth’s dimensional gateways
+ why Bridget has to live in these places
+ the 5th Dimensional World
+ Extraterrestrial contact
+ dreams and memories
+ how to remain grounded in these high energy places


“You can be in these places and they can lead to certain access but the access is always there within your own vessel.” 


Channeling LIVE from the Akashic Records - BONUS EPISODE

episode 54


It's been two months since I launched my Akashic Records Reading and Healing Session practice and my life has completely transformed. The transformations feel so subtle because I am living in such alignment with my true self, but are actually so significant - from my goals to my bank account to the direction of my business to the way I now live my life. To celebrate this milestone, I am dedicating this bonus episode to everyone who listens to this podcast. For it is this podcast that introduced me to the Akashic Records and this podcast that has changed the trajectory of my life forever. So this is for you, my dear listeners. Enjoy!


"This is a healing, an energetic transmission at the root state of consciousness."


In This Episode I Discuss...

+ how my Akashic Record reading process has evolved and changed over the past two months
+ why I now call my readings Healing Sessions
+ practical life lessons that I have learned from the Records
+ a personal story about a lesson I learned from my own Records this past weekend
+ future offerings I have coming up
+ a LIVE Akashic Records channeling for the Manifest This! listeners

Show Notes

episode 28: I Read My Akashic Records (And You Can Read Yours, Too)
episode 39: Natalie Miles On Manifestation, Animals & How To Connect With Spirit
episode 42: My Akashic Record Readings Have Launched
episode 48: Full Moon Manifest: My Story
episode 50: Linda Howe On The Akashic Records, An Infinite Spiritual Resource
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Rosie Acosta on Taking Risks to Love Your Life

episode 53


Today I’m speaking with Rosie Acosta. I met Rosie randomly through email. I was looking around for podcasts that I could pitch myself to be a guest on, to talk about the Records, and found Rosie’s show Radically Loved. I wrote an email to her and she replied immediately. She told me that she actually receives hundreds and hundreds of emails for her show and isn’t able to get back to even half of them but something about my words and my email struck her. She needed to connect.

And honestly, from that moment I felt as though I’ve known Rosie forever. A true soul sister! We’ve only spoken twice – she interviewed me, I interviewed her (and I also read her Records) but the conversation flowed so freely, so effortlessly, I really think you’re going to enjoy learning from her!

Rosie Acosta is an Inspirational Speaker, Yoga & Meditation Teacher and a Yoga Teacher Trainer, a Holistic Health Coach. As the founder of Radically Loved: Yoga, Health + Wellness, she is also the host of the Radically Loved Radio podcast.

In all her work, Rosie teaches and practices being guided by RADICAL LOVE every day and connecting to that through yoga, diet, affirmation, self-inquiry, and curiosity. In helping others find their unique gifts and fire within, she aims to create practices and connect with people in a way that will help everyone live radically loved lives together. 

In our conversation we discuss Rosie's childhood around drugs, alcohol and violence and her personal experience with alcohol and drugs, when she found yoga and how that changed her life path, choosing a sober life to serve our higher purpose, why Rosie quit her job during the recession and how to know when it’s time to change your life and how important it is to celebrate the process, not just the result.

And stay tuned for the end of the episode to hear how I switch up the last question for this episode and all future ones going forward.


“I started to really feel the interconnectedness of mind, body and spirit because I would feel so much more connected when I would move my body.”


We Discuss...

+ Rosie's childhood around drugs, alcohol and violence
+ Rosie's experience with alcohol and drugs
+ when she found yoga and how that changed her life path
+ choosing a sober life to serve our higher purpose
+ the 12-step process
+ why Rosie quit her job during the recession
+ how to know when it’s time to change your life
+ how Rosie expanded her business from teaching yoga to being a coach, a podcast host, a speaker and more
+ celebrating the process, not just the result
+ why I’m changing up the last question I ask at the end of the show


“Tap into that wisdom and that knowledge that we have within us to guide us.”


Ksenia Avdulova on Manifesting, Divine Timing, and Stepping Into Your Truth

episode 52


Today’s guest is Ksenia Avdulova, the creator of the internationally renowned and celebrated brand and movement, Breakfast Criminals and ALSO more recently, the creator of crystal criminals and the host of the Woke & Wired podcast.

Ksenia is a really interesting person. I find her story fascinating. She mentions in the episode that she’s been incarnated into this current life to motivate and inspire others and that truly is her gift.

A few things about this episode –

You’ll hear the sound of crows in the background. There are a lot of crows that live in our neighbourhood. I actually called the Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre here one time about them because I found one with an injured wing and the woman I spoke to told me that crows travel together in families and set up a home in one location that really does become their home…they live there for years and years and years. I really respect the crows in our neighbourhood and I love them a lot! And it’s interesting that they came into this episode because honestly, they’re crowing outside ALL the time and I record these episodes with my windows open all the time…but for some reason they haven’t come through before. Ksenia suggested that I look into what they mean as spirit animals and so I did.

I learned that crows are a TOTEM animal, which means they are a spiritual being, a sacred object or a symbol a tribe, clan, family or individual. Some Native American tribe's tradition provides that each person is connected with nine different animals that will accompany him or her through life, acting as guides.

This caught my attention right away because totem animals have been coming into my consciousness a lot lately. My Masters, Teachers and Loved Ones in my Akashic Records are using them as symbols for me, instructing me to learn about certain animals to make sense of things happening in my life. I had never heard of the concept of ‘totem animal’ aside from animals on ‘totem poles’ but all of this is now fascinating to me and I’m diving deep into learning more about it.

Anyways, a crow used to have a bad reputation, symbolizing bad luck and death but our new ear has brought upon new meanings for this gorgeous and very special bird. The crow now symbolizes a new phase in someone’s life. If you find yourself seeing crows all the time, take some time to discover yourself on a deeper level because you may be going through a period of personal transformation and growth. A crow can also mean intelligence, flexibility and destiny.

So, onto Ksenia. She’s a New York-based entrepreneur, an embodiment of the new paradigm and has created the award-nominated media platform Breakfast Criminals with over 100K+ followers through the intuitive guidance she received in meditations. From journeying to the mountaintops of India to studying a variety of energetic practices like QiGong and Reiki, she understands the power that opens up when you combine expanding your consciousness, digital technology, and unstoppable action.

In our conversation, we discuss her personal story of growth and discovery, how she has manifested the abundant life she lives now, honouring where you come from, improving and getting better in your skills and practice, stepping into something you’re meant to be doing in this world and a really interesting topic that we haven’t covered on the show yet, balancing spirituality and technology. She also shares her tips on HOW to build a large online following and how she monetized her brand.

I hope you enjoy this conversation as much as I enjoyed having it!


“I believe that I’m going to be guided to where I need to be."


In This Episode We Discuss...

+ Ksenia’s unique story personal story that has taken her around the world
+ what happened after she lost her apartment, her job and her boyfriend in New York
+ how ballet school plays a huge part in Ksenia’s story
+ how Ksenia started Breakfast Criminals and built it to what it is today
+ how Ksenia monetized Breakfast Criminals
+ honouring where you come from, improving and getting better
+ Ksenia’s nomadic year abroad
+ online dating
+ Ksenia’s spiritual journey
+ stepping into something you’re meant to be doing in this world
+ building a large online community and following
+ Ksenia’s new podcast Woke & Wired
+ balancing spirituality and technology
+ crystals


“It’s not so much the words that we share but the energy that we put in anything that we put out into the world that ends up determining how it affects the world and the people who come in touch with it.”


Ally Maz on Healing Girls (and Ourselves) Through Yoga, Real Talk & Love

episode 51


Today’s guest is the amazing Alex Mazerolle, also known as Ally Maz. I recently learned that she and I have a ton of mutual friends and it’s kind of crazy that we’ve never met in person but that will change soon. Also, I call her Alex in the recording but now call her Ally. She goes by both names. 

Ally is a writer, entrepreneur and yoga teacher. She is the founder of Girlvana Yoga, Ladyvana Retreats and the co-owner of Distrikt Movement. She is a lady on a mission to help womxn come together and rise. She is passionate about real talk and the healing & transformative power of movement. Ally is a lululemon ambassador, has taught and lent her yoga expertise to the Vancouver Canucks, Common, the app YOGIFY, EA Sports, Marie Claire UK and Flare Magazine. She has taught multiple Wanderlust Festivals, Prairie Love Festivals, and was a Young Entrepreneur of the Year finalist from the Chamber of Commerce in North Vancouver.

In our conversation we chat about why Ally believes yoga is a political act, the importance of teaching consent and body ownership to young people, gender fluidity, period positivity, body positivity, sexual freedom and a new liberal generation coming up, losing your virginity as a teenager, ally’s relationship with her body now and she gets very REAL and passionate about privilege and access to the work she’s doing.

This is a really inspiring conversation, very unique to anything that’s been on the show thus far and I’m really proud to air it. I hope you love it, too.


"Yoga is a political act.”


“There’s so much medicine and power in laughter.”


In This Episode We Discuss...

+ Ally’s relationship with yoga
+ what Girlvana is and why Ally started it
+ how Girlvana can help heal young girls
+ how girls respond and transform at Girlvana
+ what is Ladyvana?
+ the importance of teaching consent and body ownership to young people
+ gender fluidity, period positivity, body positivity, sexual freedom and a new liberal generation coming up
+ Ally’s relationship with her body now
+ Girlvana teacher training
+ Ally’s passion around privilege and access to the work she’s doing
+ Ally’s upcoming book


“I am in a relationship with loving myself each and everyday and some days are really beautiful and some days are harder.”


Linda Howe on the Akashic Records, an Infinite Spiritual Resource

episode 50


Creating this podcast has changed the trajectory of my life, most importantly because in February of this year I met a woman who introduced me to the Akashic Records. She told me that she knows I’ll be able to read them and that they will change my life...and she was right.

Because now I’m reading Records for clients around the world 5-6 times a week, my business has changed and grown, my consciousness has expanded, my vibration has elevated and I feel as though I’ve learned SO much about life, the human existence, the soul’s purpose and more. Spending time in the Records is such a beautiful place to be and I’m so honoured to do this work.

And I have Linda Howe to thank for that!

Dr. Linda Howe is the founder and director of the Centre for Akashic Studies and the leading expert specializing in using the Akashic Records for personal empowerment and consciousness development. By making her Pathway Prayer Process© freely available to all, she became the first person to bring access to the Records, the energetic archive of souls, to the world community. She’s also the first woman to work with the Records on a global scale.

Linda’s comprehensive, inspired curriculum has been revealed to her through her relationship with the Akasha and refined through her work with students over the past two decades. In her in-person and online Certification classes and award-winning books, she shares optimal ways to tap into the eternal wisdom of the Soul for practical application in everyday life. Drawing upon her sense of humour and storytelling skills, she brings esoteric themes to life. Linda holds a Doctorate in Spiritual Studies, with a specialty in the Akashic Records, from Emerson Theological Institute.

In our chat, we discuss Linda’s spiritual journey and how the Records found her. We discuss how Linda heard the Pathway Prayer in her Records, a week before 9/11 and what happened after she shared it with her assistant. We discuss the idea of achieving spiritual perfection, the journey of the soul and she even shared with me how I can improve my skills as an Akashic Records reader.

It’s no coincidence that Linda is the guest for the 50th episode on my show, an important milestone episode, because she’s also the woman who’s work is responsible for changing my life. I didn’t plan for this either – a few weeks ago I was going to release an episode but felt so heavy and so sad after the family separations in the US dominated the media, that I decided to take time away from work to preserve my energy. I didn’t count episode, I didn’t plan for this, Divinely I’ve been sent this message – this reassurance that I’m on the right path and that this beautiful conversation with Linda is one to be celebrated.



“Every perceived imperfection is an opportunity to learn to love ourselves unconditionally.”


In This Episode We Discuss...

+ Linda’s spiritual journey and how she found the Records
+ how she felt when the Records found her and how I felt when they found me
+ what happened after Linda expressed her desire to share the Records with everyone
+ how Linda heard the Pathway Prayer
+ what happened in Linda’s Records a week before 9/11
+ why Linda’s first book is a very big deal
+ how Linda got her ideas for her second and third book
+ Linda’s accomplishments with her work in the Records
+ the idea of achieving spiritual perfection
+ the journey of the soul
+ how I can improve my skills as an Akashic Record reader


“Feeling safe is the prerequisite in being honest with ourselves.”


Jo-Anne McArthur on Uncovering Truth & Inspiring Compassion for We Animals

episode 49

JoAnne McArthur .jpg

Each week I talk to women who are creating and living the life that they want to live and today I’m talking to Jo-Anne McArthur.

For fifteen years, Jo-Anne has been documenting our complex relationship with animals. She has walked onto factory farms, visited zoos and marine parks, attended rodeos, assisted in animal rescues and raids, and documented the lives of animals in sanctuaries. With her images, JoAnne seeks to bring the invisible animals of our world––the animals we eat, wear, test on, and confine––into the light.

This might seem different to you, if you’ve listened to the show before, because we usually talk about spirituality, manifestation, wellness, entrepreneurship, but here’s the thing.

As is the micro, as is the macro. If we’re not taking care of one another, and yes this includes the animals and plants on our planet, we feel this on a much bigger scale. And we’re seeing it now – animal agriculture is the leading cause of species extinction, ocean dead zones, water pollution and habitat destruction.

And Jo-Anne discusses these very difficult topics with such compassion, such empathy, without judgement and she even talks about how going vegan made her feel more clear spiritually as well.

Jo-Anne founded We Animals, an international photo project documenting our complex relationships with animals around the world and in 2013, she was the subject of the documentary The Ghosts in Our Machine, which followed her as she documented the plight of these abused and exploited animals and advocated for their rights as sentient beings.

In 2018, one of her images won the People’s Choice Award in the Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition and her newest endeavour, the Unbound Project, is a photographic project that celebrates female leaders at the forefront of animal advocacy, both contemporary and historical.

Jo-Anne’s images have been used in hundreds of campaigns around the world, including by the largest animal protection groups in the world. She is the author of two books We Animals (2014), and Captive (2017) and in 2017, she and the We Animals team launched the We Animals Archive, which allows free use of thousands of images for anyone fighting for animals.

If you like what you hear today, or you’re inspired to eat more plants and less animals, please subscribe, rate and review this podcast, Manifest This!, on iTunes and email me a screenshot of your review to I will send you a free ebook called High Vibe Vegan Food filled with delicious recipes to help get you started!


"I felt totally spiritually aligned with myself and who I wanted to be and who I wanted to be in the world.” 



+ what Jo-Anne does and how she got into this work
+ who the ‘invisible animals’ are
+ how people respond to Jo-Anne’s message
+ Carnism
+ why I gave up dairy
+ the lies that children are told by the dairy industry in elementary schools
+ how Jo-Anne speaks to children in elementary schools about the factory farming industry and invisible animals
+ why Jo-Anne went vegan
+ how veganism and spirituality are interconnected
+ how Jo-Anne finds the opportunities to take the photos that she does
+ We Animals Archive
+ how We Animals and Jo-Anne’s work is funded
+ how Jo-Anne remains emotionally grounded and how she takes care of herself
+ the Unbound Project
+ dairy and feminism
+ how she feels about the work she does


“The animals who are the most abused are the female animals.” 


Full Moon Manifest: My Story

episode 48

bonus episode.jpg

Happy Full Strawberry Moon! Since Full Moons provide a magical time to take the intentions that you're holding in your heart to a new vibration in order for them to finally manifest, I figured I would share my story with you. How I have actively (and sometimes not so actively) manifested the life I'm currently living. 


+ how I was using the Law of Attraction before I even knew what it was
+ what a psychic told me in 2012
+ how the Universe threw rocks at me to force me to change course
+ the moment I felt an energetic shift in my life
+ a financial surprise when we needed it most
+ what has happened since as a family we put the Law of Attraction into practice
+ stories from my Akashic Records readings so far


You have the power within you.