Welcome to Manifest This!

A show designed to ground modern spirituality in the real world through conversations that make sense, remove the ‘woo’ and are easy and fun to listen to hosted by Ashley Wood, International Akashic Records Reader.

Each week Ashley chats with inspiring guests on topics from manifestation, astrology, self-love, dreams, consciousness, the Akashic Records, and more with the intention to provide you with the tools and support you need to feel empowered, re-aligned and reconnected you to your authentic self.




"I love how insightful, deep and intelligent this podcast is. The conversation between Ashley and her guest is so natural and it allows the listener to feel motivated to connect with the best version of themselves. I am so happy to be connected to a podcast that features brilliant women who are inspiring others in their communities and around the world. Thank you Ashley!"

Heinrica, 5 stars, iTunes


"Definitely subscribing and added to my weekly podcast routine."

Maverick0805, 5 stars, iTunes


"This podcast was amazing and Ashley has a great life story that I can't wait to hear more about, and see how her life lessons will impact all of the lucky listeners."

Ludivine m, 5 stars, iTunes


"Beautiful from the inside and out!"

JessicaInWinnipeg82, 5 Stars, iTunes


"Beautifully inspiring and incredibly relatable."

Coloring lover, 5 stars, iTunes

"Ashley is a natural and her podcast makes me feel like I am in her living room, sharing tea."

Julie Isabelle, 5 stars, iTunes


"Every single topic that came up I related to so much. As the conversation went along, I was nodding my head in agreement and felt an overwhelming sense of support. These aren't topics I ever really have more than thoughts on so it's very comforting to hear some fresh perspectives."

Jmmmmmmmb, 5 stars, iTunes


"I have never been so excited/happy to subscribe to a podcast before!"

Bryna Thorinn, 5 stars, iTunes


"Open, thoughtful and easy to listen to. Ashley makes you feel like you're having a deep conversation with your closest friend. I've loved the episodes I've heard so far!"

CalamyteAyne, 5 stars, iTunes


"Inspiring and thought provoking. Ashley, with her soothing voice, is able to let her guests talk about their journey. I highly recommend this podcast if you're interested in connecting more with your own intuition and growing spirituality. This podcast is for you!"

Moonstone34, 5 stars, iTunes


"Thank you Ashley, for birthing this beautiful podcast. Ashley's passion for the world shines from the way she talks about her family and animals to every project she shares through her social media. Her verbal journey through the spiritual world is one I look forward to talking with her and during her first two episodes, I found myself completely engaged and listening with whole hearted intent. I really look forward to her future episodes and recommend this podcast to anyone looking to add love, exploration and good things to their world."

Manzea, 5 stars, iTunes


"Best new podcast I've heard in a while."

rocksmuggler, 5 stars, iTunes


"I find myself finishing each episode encouraged and challenged to do good and do better. Topics have been interesting."

Saraelizcook, 5 starts, iTunes


"Uplifting, honest and a pure joy to listen to. She's not afraid to evolve and change things up when she feels it's the right thing to do. Wonderful guests, too!"

Charliehorsedog, 5 stars, iTunes


"I was feeling like I was in a bit of a rut lately and came across Ashley’s podcast! Such a wonderful host, she asks her guests insightful questions and steers conversation beautifully. I have to say though I am also a big fan of the solo episodes! Learning about your journey through spirituality has led me to have faith with practice and care, I myself can get intend with my spirit guides and manifestations. Thanks Ashley! Looking forward to hearing more."

Bianca David, 5 stars, iTunes