Growing up, Ashley knew she had two gifts.


She knew that not everyone could communicate with their deceased family members or see accidents moments before they happened. And she also knew that not everyone had a grandmother that read tarot, tea leaves, palms and could communicate with the spirit world. She knew she had something special: a spiritual gift and a spiritual guide.

Through her grandmother, Ashley learned what it meant to have these gifts and how they can be used to help others. She knew this was all different, that she was different, that the spirit world was different. Different as it may be, it was normal to her.

Throughout her teenage years and into early adulthood, Ashley learned that she could turn her gifts off simply by ignoring them and forgetting about the spiritual world. So she would turn her gifts off and on and then off again. After all, she thought, these gifts are a part of me but not the only part.

During her bachelorette party in 2012, Ashley’s friends took her to see a psychic. In the reading, the psychic brought up Ashley’s grandmother and their connection and starting talking about the spirit world. But then she said, “But I don’t need to tell you any of this, do I?” She could see in Ashley the things she had always known about herself. Things she was surprised to learn someone else could see, too. The reading ended with a prediction.

The psychic told Ashley that in the future she would have a platform where she would speak about spirituality to lots of people. This was not the direction Ashley’s life was taking. In a few months, she would be moving to Toronto with her husband, not talking to people about her gifts. Intrigued but mostly confused, Ashley quickly forgot about it and continued to ignore her gifts.

That is, until she got pregnant, in late 2015.


Ashley’s pregnancy opened up a type of connection to the spirit world that she had never experienced before. She communicated with her daughter’s soul during pregnancy, she learned about her past-life experience, she communicated with spirit guides, and her intuitive abilities became stronger.

After Ivy was born, Ashley’s abilities continued to strengthen. She experienced communicative dreams, received messages from her husband’s late grandmother, officially met her spirit guides and was utilizing the Law of Attraction to manifest the kind of life she wanted to live.

One day, while washing dishes in late December 2017, she heard a message from her guides, reiterating what the psychic told her back in 2012. She was going to have a platform where she would speak about spirituality to many people. The Divine timing was incredible.

In the past few months, Ashley had been preparing to launch a podcast called The Good People Podcast. But it wasn’t about spirituality. The show was devoted to issues around health, wellness and motherhood. That didn’t stop the Universe from working its magic.

Ashley’s first guest on The Good People Podcast was Ruby Warrington, who Ashley brought on to talk about sober living. They touched on this, but the magic of their conversation was when they discussed astrology and the spirit world. The second episode was a solo episode. Ashley opened up for the first time about her experiences as a clairvoyant, her communicative dreams, spirit guides and the Law of Attraction. She now knew what the psychic’s message meant. This was the platform. This is where she would talk about spirituality.

Ashley is an International Akashic Records Reader, psychic intuitive and spiritual guide. She accesses the Records to inspire, guide and teach people from around the world to ignite their intuition and re-connect to their authentic self. She is the host of Manifest This!, an internationally recognized and respected podcast that grounds modern spirituality through conversations that remove the 'woo' and are easy and fun to listen to. Ashley is passionate about yoga, vegan living, animals and the outdoors. Although she resides in Winnipeg, Canada with her husband Ben and daughter Ivy, they warm up in California as often as possible.